Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Alcatraz/Urban Decay Textures

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I got the basics done for the military chapel at Alcatraz but they all look a bit bland. The same wall base with various industrial type windows so I decided to morph the collection to increase user versatility by adding more Urban graffiti style options.

Still a way off finishing the collection and I am sure people are sick of looking at my urban textures but for some reason I am always drawn to them.

When I am driving out and about, my eye is always drawn to the 1800s warehouse buildings and the inner city worn out red brick walls with ageing posters and spray paint. 

Distressed and weathered is so much more eye catching than modern bland architecture which is fast replacing historical buildings in the UK.

I am never drawn to brand new architecture.
Glass and steel lacks character and so for the same reason, I am not drawn to the virtual buildings in SL that are unrealistically clean and new. They just look artificial imo.

Each to their own. 

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