Tuesday, 9 August 2011

UK Riots & Looting -- Kids!!! ... Who'd Have em?!

So I am on my annual holiday in North Wales and watching the news on the TV displaying all the riots and looting in the main cities of UK.
In particular the footage of what looks like an injured, bleeding foreign (Japanese) boy who is initially helped by some street thugs to within 2 minutes the same thugs calmly and with no sense of urgency just peep into his rucksack and start pulling out items which they unwrapped and walked away with leaving the poor guy stunned and confused.

I have also read some Tweets on an account named: "Da Hud" (snorts with laughter) were what appears like bits of kids and teenagers are tweeting comments like "Yea da feds dont ave a clue man"

Da Feds??? LOL Where are we?? Chicago?

So whats the self justification?
Whats the reason?

We hear from youth workers saying how young people in the UK do not have anything to do and how the government has made so many cut backs these poor youths feel forced to "act out"

What a load of crap!

Kids do not have mortgages to pay for, most of them are living at home so their bellies are full, no mouths to feed and so on.
They have NO genuine sense of pressure as they sleep in warms beds at night and have nothing  more to worry about other than the "pressure" of wearing the latest designer gear.

There is NO justification or excuse for smashing windows of shops and grabbing flat screen TVs

Its nothing but boredom and desire for attention and fame.

Get the army involved the rubber bullets out and abolish the law that protects under aged criminals from being imprisoned.

Just my one sided and probably ignorant POV

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  1. Nothing a spot of compulsory national service wouldn't fix.