Monday, 15 August 2011

TRU Textures Collections Now Available On the Second Life Marketplace

2500 Texture Sets To Be Added
Its been a year in the making but I am delighted to say the texture sets made by myself an my clients,,,, and are now being added to the Second Life Marketplace 

We’re about half way finished with another 1500 sets to be added.

Whilst I have had my own store on the SLMP, it only stocks collections I personally made over the last two years.

Thanks to Thorian Pennell and Elizabeth Tinsley, we are now running a program that automatically adds the pre displayed collections we have in the in-world store, onto the Second Life Marketplace and these include the artist companies listed above.

The commission/royalties owed to artists of the textures I didn’t make are paid directly into their SL accounts at the point of sale.

To do this manually would have taken me 12 months of full time work and it was very frustrating for me because as soon as Linden Labs purchased what used to be and made it their own, I knew it was vital to get the thousands of products we have available in world onto the marketplace.

But after 7 years of added 1000s of texture collections to our in world store, I couldn't have done it alone.

To visit the main TRU Textures store on the SLMP please click the link in this post (above) or the SL Marketplace link at the top of this blog.


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