Friday, 12 August 2011

Return Holiday - Betws Y Coed - Snowdonia

Me & Harvey - River Side Betws Y Coed.
Just some random photos from one of the best holidays I have had in years.

Had a four day withdrawal from the PC as there was next to no ISP but in hindsight it was better because old habits were left behind, I spend way too much time sitting staring at PC monitors.

The meal at The Royal Oak Hotel in Betws Y Coed was amazing, we ate there two nights and as the main meal cost £22 (extra for vegetables!) then a further £7.90 for desert it soon lead to a heavy bill but the food is to die for.

I ate there many years ago with an ex, we were staying at the Hotel and the food was good then with a good ambience in the restaurant so I was a little worried 7 years on that the standards would be as I remembered.They were if not more so.

The weather was great the first week which we made the most of with the garden of the hired 3 bedroom cottage which was positioned next to the river with a massive pine forest directly behind.
I would love to live there. It was remote but only 10 minutes drive into the village. Perfect.

The news about the recent economy concerns put a bit of a downer on my mood as its always a worry when things effect consumer confidence, as if it wasn’t effected enough,  but upon my return I had some good news.

Thorian and Elizabeth have started putting the 1000s of texture sets we have for sale in the SL store on the SLMP.

I have around 2500 collections created by myself,,,, and which I have been desperate to get onto the Second Life Marketplace for 12 months.

I have noticed there seems to be a dying trend towards in world shopping in general since Linden Labs bought Xstreet and so for textures,  it’s little wonder that people prefer to view them LAG free from the SLMP website instead of contending with the LAG and slow rez delays commonly associated with texture stores within Second Life.

They have already boxed my older sets up and have been loading them onto the SLMP website for the last few days with TRU Timeless being the store owner.
(TRU Timeless is our banking account that owns all of the vendors containing all of the different artists textures. All payments go through that account and are then paid to the artists)

So in a month or so there will be 2500 texture collections made by myself and the above companies who I am contracted as their sole agent in Second Life.
I am hoping it “Keeps the wolf away from the door” so to speak.

I really had hoped the economy would have started to show signs of recovery three years in but apparently it's going to be at least another three years before that happens so its simply a matter of working very, very, very hard and keeping your fingers crossed because despite some peoples misconceptions, owning 2 websites is not a reflection of financial success... lol.. if only!

It’s a constant grind and worry just to keep my head above the water not to mention keeping the motivation ticking over.

I think I am the only person dropping new texture sets off at the store these days. Most artists have given up and some don’t even log in much but as me and Tim from discussed recently, what are the options?

If we throw the towel in now, that’s a sure path to failure so keep on plodding on and remember that despite the negatives, I am still very lucky to be able to make any kind of income at all from doing something I love.
Swallow Falls - Betws Y Coed.

Me, Mum, Dad & Malcolm The Royal Oak 

Video - Breakfast in Betws y Coed

On that subject, here’s a free texture I made for a customer today as a replica for one she wanted that was ripped from some game I suspect.
It tiles left to right.

Please do not redistribute it for free or profit in any capacity. Many thanks.

Click to enlarge. 

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