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Gaggia Coffee Machine Repair Service - Buyer Beware - Review

I strongly suggest you do NOT use this company for ANY type of service or repair of your coffee machine.
Here’s why:

I contacted the above website/company on the 19th April 2011 to fix the milk foamer on my Gaggia X2/ Gaggia XTwo coffee machine.

Andrew, the owner arranged for a collection as I am from the North of England in Lancashire and they are based down the south of the UK. They collect and deliver on Thursdays from the North of the UK.

The machine was collected fast enough and that’s the only positive thing I can say.

A week after my machine was collected, I telephone Andrew the owner and asked how long it would take.
They said they would “Bump me up the list” and would telephone me BEFORE they did any work to inform me of the work that needed doing and the associated costs.

I heard nothing so telephoned again 3 weeks after collection and Andrew, explained (in a flustered and almost hostile manner) that they had moved premises and he was unable to locate my machine because their computers were not connected.
He demanded the date it was collected and finally found it and said the bit of paper that was stuck to my machine displayed that it had not been in the workshop yet and that he would get it dealt with asap.

I heard nothing.

5 weeks later, several angry emails of which none were replied to,  I telephoned again.

We went through the same sequence of identification.
Andrew asking me what model it was, when it was collected and again I was told that nothing had been done yet but this time he would fix it.

He asked me to email him from his website listing the machine make and the faults so he would be prompted to remember.
I did and heard nothing.

7 weeks later and I telephoned again.
Each time I telephoned, Andrew seemed to forget our previous conversations and emails and I had to go through the same process of identifying who I was, what machine he had of mine and the fault that needed looking at.
At this stage I was livid and yet its worth mentioning that in the 7 weeks previous, I had made less than 5 phone calls and 4 emails.

But it became obvious to me that this company were incompetent and unreliable and their customer communication skills were non existent.

Finally, 8 weeks after my machine was collected I got my very first email from them informing me that my machine had received a full service and I needed to pay £270 before they would return it to me.

It’s funny how proactive about communication Andrew is when it comes to collecting payment.
Also, remember how they said they would telephone me BEFORE they did any work?
Well, they didn’t.

To be fair, I did say right at the beginning of our communication that whilst they had my machine, they may as well give it a full service.
But the only reason I contacted them at all was because of the fact my milk foamer was not working. Everything else with the machine worked fine, it probably didn’t even need a service.

We paid via debit card over the phone and the machine was returned 8 weeks after it was collected.
All was forgiven from me at this stage,  I was just glad I would have my coffee machine back and working again.

The invoice was provided by the delivery man who delivered the machine back to me and I noticed that written on the invoice was “Milk Foamer N/A”

Guess what? The milk foamer was still not working!

So I had paid £270 for a service I would never have had if not for the milk foamer fault and 8 weeks later, several angry emails and telephone calls,  my machine was returned with the exact same fault I had contacted them about originally.

At this stage I was so angry with the piss poor communication, the sense that Andrew didn’t seem to know his ass from his elbow when I enquired and now the fact that he had charged me £270 and returned the machine with the same fault it had when he collected it!

I telephoned him again and he mumbled:
 “It worked when we tested it in our work shop, it must be the CPU, email me the details of this conversation, keep hold of the machine and I will order a CPU in, collect your machine when we have the CPU, fix it and get it back to you the following Thursday so it's not in our work shop for weeks"

Again, I emailed him as instructed and again I heard nothing for 3 weeks.
The machine was not collected, no apology was made in writing or on the phone and no offer of a refund was made.

My final telephone call was made on the 19th July 2011

Andrew (again) asked me what machine I had, when it was collected and had they collected it.

I reminded him he had asked me to email him to arrange a collection. He said he had not seen any email.
He went on to say they had 10 Gaggia machines in the workshop and all needed CPUs so the CPUs they had in stock were taken” (Despite that fact he had told me 3 weeks ago that he would order one in for my machine)
He added “Gaggia machines are a pain in the behind, they are rubbish and thats why Gaggia went bust"

He was snappy and raised his voice as he almost screamed at me:

“.....and before you start accusing me of fobbing you off and criticising me you ought to think yourself very lucky that I am going to provide you with a free CPU AND under warranty which we don’t normally do, we never provide CPUs under warranty. They cost £270 and I am going to give you one free! Your machine will be fixed by the end of the month! ”

I was speechless. I had not once raised my voice to Andrew in this or indeed any phone call.
Whilst my emails may have been written with anger and frustration I had actually apologised because I soon realised that screaming and shouting at this man was not going to get me what I wanted.

Again, I emailed him as instructed only this time I added how inappropriate I felt it was to shout down at his customers and reminded him that at this point it was hard to feel “lucky” when I was £270 out of pocket and stuck with the same fault on my machine as I had when I contacted him months previous.

It’s now the 12th August and the “end of the month” has come and gone.
Andrew from has neither emailed me, text me, telephoned me and obviously not collected or repaired my machine.

I have telephoned Philips who bought Gaggia out. They offer a collect and repair service for around £170 and a turnaround of 7 working days.

This is the link to Philips repair for Gaggia Coffee Machines

Here is the link to a forum discussion about from other people who seemed to have had very similar experiences to my own.

And more negative experiences with people on the Amazon forum:

NB: When I contacted the above company there was no mention of 8 weeks waiting time on their website. It was only when I asked on the telephone that I was told.

Disclaimer: This is written based on actual events from my perspective and taken place between myself, Elizabeth Gallagher and the owner of the company of

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