Saturday, 13 August 2011 - TRU Textures

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I know I am showing off but hey, if you can’t blow your own trumpet, who’s gonna blow it for ya?

So anyway, I went to to grab the URL for a forum post I was writing and noticed they had made another banner for me!

I don’t sell anywhere else like I do with CP, I have a hand full of sets on a few agent based websites but none of them give me the same attention, support or sales as CP does and this banner thing makes me feel valued and that’s very important to any content seller.

So thank you CP! Means a lot to me.

On the same theme, as I posted a few weeks back, The 3D World Magazine will be featuring in their magazine this month.

I tried pushing TRU Textures when they contacted us but so far no reply! loL I will have another push soon :P

The release date is 21st August and if you buy a copy there is a free disc of 50 free and commercially licensed textures up for grabs off the website.

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