Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Animated Haunted House Horror Vintage Portrait Textures - Work In Progress


I remember seeing some really cool animated vintage frames in Second Life which displayed an old photo of some child or person from the 1800s and then it quickly changed to a creepy horror face.

This was years ago but they had been created with someone who clearly had a lot of creative skill.

Last year I wanted to try and create my own as I have only ever seen that one collection and they were “objects” rather than textures, ready framed with the animation script, but for some reason, I struggled finding vintage photos from the public domain (So to avoid breaching copyright)

I was approached by a good customer who asked me to make some dripping blood and some versions of the animation haunted house picture frames.

I made the blood that morning and explained it would take me a few weeks to create a collection of 10 separate photo manipulated vintage photos but I started playing this morning (above)

At this stage, its really a very rough draft as I have not been working in Photoshop on a serious level for a couple of months with my holiday and other work commitments but for a first effort, I am encouraged I can end up with some good quality animated Halloween picture framed textures.

Work in progress...

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