Sunday, 3 July 2011

TRU Textures Store Build and Re Texture

Textures Created for SL Store Remodel 
Me and Elizabeth Tinsley have been slowly but surely remaking and re texturing the TRU store in Second Life.

It’s the first time *ever* that I have textured anything so its been and continues to be a steep learning curve.

I have made over 100 custom textures so far but not all of them have been used.

Here are a few photos of the store so far, but we are far from finished:
View from Reception

3D Store Entrance 

Main Store Entrance

The plan is to reduce the amount of vendors we have to around 1/3 but of course we don’t want to loose 2/3s of our stock, just reduce the vendors so we can make more of the sim as a canvas for displaying what we create and sell, textures.

So Thorian Pennell, TRUs all round technical guru did some work on our word search terminals.

Previously, customers could only search for textures by typing in search words.

Once they saw a texture they wished to purchase, they clicked the teleport button and it took them to the vendor in the store.

They still do that of course but as we will be loosing 1000s of vendors, what they do in addition now is, if the texture collection a customer wants to buy are not displayed “in world,”  the machines will rez a temporary vendor for 30 seconds allowing the customer to scroll through the vendor and/or make a purchase.

Either way, the search terminal will revert back to its former state after 60 seconds.

Its such a neat tool anyway but now its allowed us the freedom to reduce the volume of vendors on display meaning we can display only the “cream of the crop” whilst still maintaining the largest amount of texture choice in Second Life.

Additionally, customers can also visit the TRU website, get the product ID code (Displayed under each collection) and type this into the word search terminal, this will bring up the texture collection for the customer to buy direct from the terminal in world.

These search terminals are unique to TRU Textures and I have to say a big thank you to Thorian for he is truly a genius.

Without him, I don’t know where I would be, quite seriously.

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