Wednesday, 13 July 2011

TRU Textures - Majestic Fantasy Architecture Texture Collection by LillyBeth FilthText

130 fantasy architecture texture collection
So, as I have been actually applying textures and not just simply making them,  I feel my productivity level has been lacking over the last 3 weeks since I started re building and retexturing the TRU Textures store in Second Life.

And I don’t like that feeling. I start to get tense when I haven’t released a new texture collection for a few weeks.

So as I ended up making over 130 custom textures for the new look store and people had already started to ask where they could find the terrain or the column textures used,  I decide to set them for sale. (Ever the capitalist!)
Well, why not?

I could be anal and declare I wanted them to be exclusive but that would be like asking the lady working in a clothes store where she got her outfit from and her replying “I’d rather not say”

So I could leave them sat in my inventory collecting dust  OR I could set them for sale. So I have.

Some are hybrids from the MoonShadow Texture collection but most were made from scratch and specific to the build.

Anyway, here are the links if you’re interested:

Second Life Marketplace

You can also get them in four smaller collections from our in world store by clicking this SLurl:

I have NO idea why the collection is displayed as “Adult” on the SL Marketplace...they’re textures!

I can only assume its because they have the word “fantasy” in the name and description which is pathetic.

To my knowledge, building textures do not contain adult sexual themes. Linden Labs should exclude “textures” from the maturity settings on the MarketPlace because some of the “flags” are so obscure and unidentifiable it’s impossible to fix the wording to make sure they are viewed in the General listings.

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