Friday, 29 July 2011

Rendering High Poly Meshes in Poser 8

30 Minutes Rendering - Crash 

I am literally falling asleep at the desk here.

I am trying to make some more (and better) Ivy Vine Textures and using Poser 8 to render them.

I spent all day the other day rendering crap results using Indirect Lighting.

All the leaves came out blurred and semi transparent and after 5 hours I simply gave up.

Strangely, when using the introduction level of Poser, Poser Debut, I had little trouble rendering crisp nice vines but since I upgraded to Poser 8 I have really struggled with the render settings and light sets.

I followed a tutorial on creating light sets and managed to create some beautiful results but only at low resolutions.

So I applied the light and render settings learnt from the tutorial to a 1024 x 1024 pixel render dimension and so far I have spent 7 hours today trying to render just one image of admittedly a "poly and pixel heavy mesh"

The last attempt kind of just “froze” half way into the render. After 3 hours I cancelled and tweaked the settings again.

Then I got 30 minutes in (above) and the render just failed. It stopped rendering and left the image as you see it above.

It's driving me INSANE with boredom and frustration.

Making the mesh and texture maps is a piece of cake. Rendering the final image is stupidly complicated and technically tricky and buggy.

Not a happy camper right now. Wish I had stuck to Poser Debut, seemed to work fine for my needs.

I have a ray trace bounce of 6,  Shade Rate of 1.00,  Remove Back facing polys, bucket size of 64 (I have 16 Gig of ram I can afford it!) I have turned off Cast Shadows in the render settings as I am using Ray Tracing shadows..

I suspect its the mesh. It gets really dense with leaves in the middle I have no idea how many polys the mesh has but I would imagine more than most meshes and whilst I have tons of RAM and run an iMac it would appear I have pushed Poser 8 to its limits.

I will give up on this mesh if it fails again and try a less complex (less leafy) alternative but at this rate it’s going to take me a week to make 20 textures and 90% of that time is spent waiting for each pixel to render and praying it will not crash or freeze.

Absolutely boring nightmare.

Getting there...

SO this was OK it took 20 mins but it’s not mind blowing.

I want as much detail as possible so much so you can see the veins on the leaves.

I don't mind waiting an hour or 2 for a render but not if its going to crash or freeze every time.

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