Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Peep Show - Mark Fakes Taking Ecstasy

I love Peep Show, its my favorite comedy show and this sketch is my favorite from the entire series.

I can relate to from my days at Hacienda, Boardwalk and Sankey Soap  in Manchester.

There were ALWAYS at least 5 of these types of morons, they were usually found right in the middle of the dance floor, tops off, hugging complete strangers with sweaty hairy armpits and bad breath and a seasoned raver would avoid eye contact with them at all costs.


  1. lol geez I know I’m from “up North” but the clubs aren’t that rough!

  2. “So, a candle in a bottle doesn’t cut it anymore, these days you have to take class A drugs and....fisting!” LMAO - Classic