Sunday, 3 July 2011

Meanwhile...back in the real world..

Me & Harvey (Click to Enlarge)
Anyone who works from home and their PC will tell you how “real life” tends to get lost.

Time certainly flies when you’re at the PC.

The meals I have burnt because I lost track of time as I was “plugged in” are too many to mention.

And just as the hours in a day seem to vanish in the blink of an eye, so do the years at an alarming rate.

I will spare you another Vitamin D deficiency warning but being a “tech head” or “PC nerd” is certainly the main reason I became deficient.

Furthermore, it is my belief this deficiency in what is technically a steroid type hormone that plays a major role in ones immune system, is the key to why my health over the last 10 years has deteriorated.

And so, I now make a conscious effort to get as much sun as possible and when it's not possible (North England...nuff said)  I take 5,000 to 10,000 IUs a day of D3.

It's early days yet (2 months) to see whether correcting my deficiency will play any kind of role in my continued quest for better health but I don’t mind admitting that I am pinning a lot of hope into it.

When the weather is nice I like walking my mini Dachshund, Harvey on the beach. For some reason I can’t understand, he is a totally different dog when he’s on the beach.
He loves it. His tail is up and he runs and plays were normally his stance is always on guard.

I have had dogs for 15 years now. Before Harvey I had Basset hounds, Bessie, Boris and Nelly and they still remain my favourite breed but after 10 years of dog hair malting, cleaning up jowl slobber and human sized turds, I wanted a low maintenance breed this time around.

I had always loved the look of mini sausage dogs so after blowing hot and cold over the decision to get one, I did.

The difference in temperament is unbelievable.

Bassets are THE most laid back, lazy, dumb ass, stubborn dogs ever were as Daxies never sleep during the day and are on constant alert.
A moth only has to fart in the back garden and Harvey’s ears pick up.

He is very sensitive too.

When me and my partner get caught in a heated debates we later find Harvey has gone into hiding under the bed, it’s not like we throw things around or physically attack each other,  but he can sense our moods.

At the same time, when we are play fighting and playfully shouting and laughing he barks and dances around our feet to get our attention trying to join in with the fun from a nine inch height, it’s so cute.

June 2011 Me & Harvey 
I know now, I will never live without a mini Dachshund,  I have fallen in love with them as a breed.

I am sure this must sound pathetic to non dog lovers but he truly is my baby.
He is part of my family and unlike Bassets I would miss him terribly if we went away and couldn’t bring him with us.

He is so small we can take him almost everywhere anyway,  so he always comes with us when we go away.

We’re planning to take a break in August as it’s been almost a year since we had a break and that was in Scotland when I spent 7 of the 10 days in bed or on the sofa with a Hellish viral infection.

I am a bit insecure that will happen again, worst holiday ever.

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