Friday, 29 July 2011

Ivy Vine Textures Volume 2 - Work in Progress

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So, a few hours after my last post, things are starting to fall into place at last.

This is the first good result and it took over an hour to finish in Poser to render.

I plan to make 25 textures of this size (1024 x 1024 pixels) and this level of detail so that’s 25 hours just in "waiting time”

No wonder there aren’t too many original vine texture collections.

There’s some ropey ones on the SLMP and yep some of them are my own older attempts made with Photoshop brushes or photo manipulations.

Basically, the more polys a mesh has and the better clarity you desire the longer the render time.

I made my own light set for these using IBL with ray trace shadows.

One down 24 to go....

Oh I am not including the last attempt as it’s not quite the quality I am aiming for but it’s still better than many Ivy textures and for free, you can’t grumble :P

Here it is for free:

PS - Please do no redistribute this texture for free or profit on any platform or location.


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