Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ivy Vine Textures Volume 2 NOW AVAILABLE

Ten  1024 x 1024 Pixel Vine Textures
Okay, so I decided to create smaller collections at cheaper prices and each collection will have different styles of Ivy.

This set (Volume 2) are wall climbers. Flat, wide and tall. No drop shadows as I suspect people want to use them in the creation of their own custom textures for builds in SL

They are saved at 1024 pixel resolution on a transparent PNG background.

Each render took between one and two hours due to the high render settings I used to ensure crisp details of the leaves.

The next collection, Volume 3 will be more ground growing vines.

So here are the URL links to preview and/or purchase:

Available from the TRU Textures store in Second Life. : Click this link

Available from the Second Life Marketplace also: Click this link

Both are priced 750 Linden Dollars for the 10 piece collection.

Also soon available from TRU Textures Website: Click this link as singles.


Many thanks for looking and I do hope you enjoy bringing your garden to life in SL with the use of these or any of the other plant textures I made which are also available at the URL links above.

Here are some samples:
Click to enlarge 

Click to Enlarge. 

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