Friday, 22 July 2011

Interior & Exterior Victorian Window Textures With Lavish Swags & Drapes

24 High Resolution Interior Exterior Window Textures
Available now from:

Second Life Marketplace link.

TRU Textures Website Link

I have just finished making this collection it will be uploaded into Second Life tomorrow.

Each exterior window texture has a matching interior and they come with transparent (open) and opaque (closed) satin and lace draperies.rior window was made from an old photo of mine which is on our texture stock website,

I made them because I believe there are people who want to make their own textures to ensure exclusiveness of their building designs in SL.

So,  rather than me making another 3D texture set from them, I am exploring the option of offering texture resources to designers and content creators that prefer to make or edit textures they use on their SL prefabs and builds.

As soon as they're available for purchase, I will come back and post the SLurls and URLs but for now, its 12.30am and I am going to bed!

Thanks for looking.

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