Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Free Gold Ornamental Decoration Textures For Second Life

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I started making these a few days ago and got bored.
I have 8 of them. All are 1024 x 1024 Pixels on transparent PNG file format.

Because I am giving them I think that's bought me the right to give you a lecture. lol 

I think it's fair to assume you understand I do not want to find my textures being sold or given away either in Second Life or any other platform, including the internet.

I have done that kind of thing myself in the early years born out of "convenient ignorance"

I used to think "Royalty Free" meant I could sell them because it had the word "free" in the title and I am aware from my own experience many people make the common mistake of thinking of some-one is giving something away then they do not care what happens to it.

In the long run, it was not worth it.

I was dragged through the "Peoples Court" for 3 years by a crazie banshee *coughs* business competitor who saw an opportunity to remove competition by starting a smear campaign based on half truths and absolute lies.

It was Hell at the time but 3 years on and I can hand on heart say it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

It forced me to develop my skills as an organic texture artist, I started taking my own photos and made damn sure I sold nothing that was not meant to be sold.

Learn from my mistake!

I avoid anything taken from Google now unless I paid for the commercial license to use it as a derivative (secondary) source in my own artwork and I feel so much more professional and proud that my work, really is "my" work.

Post 2008 there was not a single texture store in SL that was not selling something grabbed from Google (Except Lauren Fox Textures) and even today the majority of texture merchants are selling freebie scrap book kits and website backgrounds or stuff from torrent websites often in total blissful ignorance. 

I know of old time,  fairly well known texture artists and stores in Second Life who to this day still use Googled images or photos taken from Flickr without the authors knowledge and permission.
In fact one store in particular seems to be avoiding selling on the SLMP because they think displaying and selling in Second Life grants them a place to discreetly profit from pirate resources without the "outside" discovering their work like they would if they had them displayed on the internet via SL Marketplace.

Yep, I have become a total self righteous PITA in my age, expedience and learnt wisdom.  LOL

That aside, enjoy!.....
Commercial Content Creation is Allowed Just NOT by reselling or sharing them :)

Please Do Not Redistribute As Textures.
Free Does Not Mean "free to sell and share" !

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