Saturday, 25 June 2011

TRU Textures - Make Over Update

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So, we now have the in world search terminals that will rez a vendor right where the customer is standing.

Previously, they only allowed searching and teleporting to a vendor in the store but I decided we need to have a major clear out to reduce the size of the store to 1/3 keeping only the best of the best for display whilst the remaining collections will still be available from the TRU Textures website and of course with the new “rez vendor” feature, if a collection a customer finds in the search terminals is not on display in world, a vendor will rez on a temporary basis so they can browse and if desired,  purchase from it.

It’s a very cool idea and once again its thanks to Thorian Pennell who designed and scripted our in world vendors, in world search terminals as well as the website.
I think its worth boasting that we were the first texture store to have a website at all (2008) and then in Dec 2010 we allowed external purchasing from that same website allowing people to buy under extended licenses.

I knew others would follow suit sooner or later, its something I have come to expect.

What I didn’t expect was one of those that followed suit would use “piggy back” SEO tricks by adding “tru textures” in their Google Ad Word campaigns key word filter. It’s worth mentioning this is against Googles TOS.

That’s a low blow, I wonder how they would feel if they discovered I was handing Land Marks out in their store to my own. Anyway, more drama, different show.

The idea to reduce to amount of textures on display in world is because,  people especially new to TRU are overwhelmed when they teleport in.

The word search terminals are alien to most people in SL as they are unique to us so I suspect people TP in, look around, see the weird machines (search terminals) that wont allow them to buy and then at that point they think.. “This place is too big, where are the textures? What the Hell are these machines?!” and TP away..not

A texture store should be the biggest advertisement for the textures the store represents and ours just hasn’t been for many years now.

This is the first time since owning land I have had a direct “hands on” input on how I want the place to look and feel I am enjoying it so much.

You can visit TRU Textures store in Second Life by clicking this link
(You need to have a SL account)

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