Sunday, 19 June 2011

Seamless Gothic Stone Textures For SL Mesh Use - TRU Textures - LillyBeth Filth

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Available from the Second Life Marketplace by clicking this link

Can be purchased from TRU Textures in world store by clicking this SLurl link 

Also available from TRU Textures website  (soon)

30 Diffuse (colour) Seamless Carved Stone Textures each with coordinating Specular, Normal and Displacement maps making a 90 piece collection in total.

1024 x 1024 Pixels

Tile on both axis with no frame (Not “Tiled Stone”)

Two collections, one 2D and the other 3D with Diffuse, Displacement, Specular and Normal maps.

2D Texture sets contain 13 textures and cost 400 Linden Dollars.

3D Texture sets contain 35 texture maps and cost 500 Linden Dollars

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