Friday, 3 June 2011

Tree House Texture Collection - Work In Progress

Old Barn Wall Textures
Just made this and I really like it.

Its inspired me to want to make a collection with it.
Perhaps an old wood barn with Ivy (?)


Elizabeth Tinsley, my "SLBFF” explained customers had been asking for a tree house collection we used to stock years ago and she thought it would be a good idea if I made another one.

So with the texture, above, already made, I have started a new tree house collection.

I have been experimenting with window reflections and interior views by layering a rain forest image into a window frame set to semi transparent.

I did this because people who might want to build or own a tree house but who own a parcel of land set amongst commercial locations in Second Life, perhaps won’t want to see neon signs and sex shops from their tree house window!
So I thought as well as the standard transparent windows, I would also include some with scenes of rain forests both semi sheer and opaque (for privacy scripts)

I wasn’t sure at first, I was a bit concerned that they may look cheesy so I sent one out to the Textures R Us group to ask for their opinion and they seemed to like it.

As a texture in itself, the concept doesn’t look too amazing, but when applied to a prim in Second Life, you can get an idea of how it would work.

Here’s a screenshot of one applied to a prim wall, you can see my avatar behind the window:

Click to enlarge.

You can also see some Ivy vine, this is the same vine that will be applied to the matching exterior wall so you will get both interior and exterior views of the window.

This is something I once did years ago on a log cabin collection and a friend, Basement Decade, really liked that feature.

It’s not a trick I repeated because a collection can soon add up into the hundreds when you try to include every possible variable, but because of this feature I am experimenting with the window scenes, I think its worth adding.

The full collection will be "botanical rich” with overhead canopies of vine and bamboo, climbing ropes and log ladders and lattice fencing.

As a collection, it isn’t a real time consumer so I would imagine the full collection will be available in a few days.

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