Sunday, 26 June 2011

TRU Textures - Tree Branch Top Textures - I Got the Builders Bug!

First SL Creation...ever! 

I know its pathetic that I am proud of this but this little tree is the first thing I have ever created in Second Life since I joined in 2004.

All of the textures used,  I made myself including the Ivy Vine which I layered into to the planter textures used on the, well, planter. 

I have been selling these tree branch textures for a few months now and until 1 hour ago, I had no idea how they looked when applied to a tree.

I bought the sculpted tree trunk off the SL Marketplace and used my own tree bark texture.

The really strange thing is after I had finished and I looked at it swaying in the virtual wind, I had a protective sense over the textures I used which have been selling for 3 months.

Just for a moment I felt I should remove them from sale so they remain unique to the line of trees I will now be making.

 Of course,  I won’t withdraw them because I am a texture artist first and foremost and to be under any illusion that I can venture away from that and become some highly sought after prim based content creator is laughable. 
There’s enough already and I have barely put my foot on the first ring of the builders ladder.

But it does allow me to understand why builders who make their own textures never want to sell them, the textures are what make their creations unique.

If you are interested in making your own trees  (And lets be honest, if I can make one, anyone can!)  here is the URL link to the branch texture collections for sale.
If purchased from the TRU Textures website under the Any World license, they can be used and uploaded for content creation in as many grids and virtual worlds as you desire,  both now and in the future and of course includes Second Life.

If you just want them for SL they can be purchased from our in world store, by clicking this link.

Alternatively, they can also be purchased from the SL marketplace by clicking the link at the top of this blog.

Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

TRU Textures - Make Over Update

Click to Enlarge 
So, we now have the in world search terminals that will rez a vendor right where the customer is standing.

Previously, they only allowed searching and teleporting to a vendor in the store but I decided we need to have a major clear out to reduce the size of the store to 1/3 keeping only the best of the best for display whilst the remaining collections will still be available from the TRU Textures website and of course with the new “rez vendor” feature, if a collection a customer finds in the search terminals is not on display in world, a vendor will rez on a temporary basis so they can browse and if desired,  purchase from it.

It’s a very cool idea and once again its thanks to Thorian Pennell who designed and scripted our in world vendors, in world search terminals as well as the website.
I think its worth boasting that we were the first texture store to have a website at all (2008) and then in Dec 2010 we allowed external purchasing from that same website allowing people to buy under extended licenses.

I knew others would follow suit sooner or later, its something I have come to expect.

What I didn’t expect was one of those that followed suit would use “piggy back” SEO tricks by adding “tru textures” in their Google Ad Word campaigns key word filter. It’s worth mentioning this is against Googles TOS.

That’s a low blow, I wonder how they would feel if they discovered I was handing Land Marks out in their store to my own. Anyway, more drama, different show.

The idea to reduce to amount of textures on display in world is because,  people especially new to TRU are overwhelmed when they teleport in.

The word search terminals are alien to most people in SL as they are unique to us so I suspect people TP in, look around, see the weird machines (search terminals) that wont allow them to buy and then at that point they think.. “This place is too big, where are the textures? What the Hell are these machines?!” and TP away..not

A texture store should be the biggest advertisement for the textures the store represents and ours just hasn’t been for many years now.

This is the first time since owning land I have had a direct “hands on” input on how I want the place to look and feel I am enjoying it so much.

You can visit TRU Textures store in Second Life by clicking this link
(You need to have a SL account)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Second Life Texturing - TRU Textures Make Over

Click to Enlarge.

TRU Textures Store in Second Life  - Click to enlarge

So, this is the front of one of the four store buildings, partially re textured using edited versions of my MoonShadow 3D Texture collection.

I am hooked..totally. I cannot believe it’s taken me years and years to bite the bullet and do what many people in Second Life do, build.

Of course, all I am actually doing is re-texturing an existing build with the occasional "replicate and delete” of prims I am unable to edit laid down by Thorian or the lady who did the build, Leah.

Its weird to not be able to edit your own build, bought and paid for on your own bloody island!

Something very wrong with that picture! lol..
It's largely because its like everyone has had a dabble at re building or fixing things.

I have no specific ideas in my head I am just making it up as I go along so I have no doubt it will be edited and changed numerous times and I will probably always be tinkering lining up textures and prims when I see them out of place.

But basically its like watching a painting come to life (if I do say so myself) I have always known textures are vital to a good build but never had the hands on experience of that theory, until now.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Building & Texturing in Second Life - TRU Textures

First Project
It might not look much but believe it or not, after 7 years in Second Life and being a professional texture artists I have never (ever) built or textured ever.

I knew the basics, just enough to help me get by but I have never built or textured anything.

Today, out of shear frustration, I just started retexturing the store.

It started with the search terminals that have been in the same cherry wood theme for 4 years, I made them black.

Then for some reason, perhaps some false sense of confidence I slapped a texture from my MoonShadow collection on one of the walls of the four arched surrounds to the reception area and then 4 hours (and many help IMs - unanswered!) I ended up with four really nice textured architectural elements.

The hardest thing, the thing I struggled with the most was lining textures up, especially on the arches but the sense of job satisfaction far out weighs the initial frustration.

Its something I need to do anyway.

As a texture artist,  it's a weakness not fully understand how textures work in Second Life and already,  I can see the importance of textures from the MoonShadow collection that I did not include.

Like a basic plain plaster and one with different degrees of edge shading for all the little elements that make up a build such as the column basis here:
Prim Edge Shading. 

Not convinced?

Take a look at the same structure with plain unshaded textures (below)
Plain Textures No Edge Shade. 

Of course, being the perfectionist I have become over the last 3 years, ideally, there should also be some shadow from the upper piece on to the base it is resting on but then it starts to get complex and time consuming and with a full sim to re-texture and re-model, I have to draw the line somewhere.

What I have learnt is I LOVE it.

I have tried using 3D software and its soooooooo technical.

Welding seams and vertices is tedious for me were as building in Second Life, whilst the result is similar, the process is much more intuitive.

The TRU Texture store in Second Life has been “lacking” for 2 years.

My theory in the current design was to keep the building textures simple so not to compete with the actual textures for sale and displayed in vendors on the wall.

On reflection, I was way off the mark.

I want people to teleport in and immediately think: “WOW nice textures!”

The store should be a major advertisement for the potential of what we are offering, not some bland, uninspiring grey building with each store looking exactly like the other three.

A well built and textured location makes people want to explore, a boring and ugly location makes people want to teleport away to somewhere more inspiring and interesting, so that’s the aim.

It might take me a month but I am enjoying it so much anyway and it's a positive learning curve too.

It's a builders dream!

I have 100,00 textures to use,  edit and play with and whilst I may have never textured or built before today,  I have always known that “It's the texture that makes or breaks the build"

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Seamless Gothic Stone Textures For SL Mesh Use - TRU Textures - LillyBeth Filth

Click to Enlarge. 

Available from the Second Life Marketplace by clicking this link

Can be purchased from TRU Textures in world store by clicking this SLurl link 

Also available from TRU Textures website  (soon)

30 Diffuse (colour) Seamless Carved Stone Textures each with coordinating Specular, Normal and Displacement maps making a 90 piece collection in total.

1024 x 1024 Pixels

Tile on both axis with no frame (Not “Tiled Stone”)

Two collections, one 2D and the other 3D with Diffuse, Displacement, Specular and Normal maps.

2D Texture sets contain 13 textures and cost 400 Linden Dollars.

3D Texture sets contain 35 texture maps and cost 500 Linden Dollars

Click to Enlarge. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

American Victorian Interior Texture Collection Volume Two

Click to enlarge 
Aren’t they adorable? (If I do say so myself)

A customer has the American Victorian exterior textures and the matching interiors are too dark for her concept so I made these.

38 x seamless textures.
Each texture has a matching partner so they all work together.

The windows come as transparent (lace drapes) and closed (closed drapes)

1024 x 1024 Pixels and available from the TRU Textures store in Second Life.

You can see them by clicking this link!

Now available from the Second Life Marketplace by clicking this link

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Palais Gothique Building Texture Collection - Royal Blue

Click to enlarge. 
I was asked by a customer to make an older texture collection of mine. but in Royal blue and so here it is.

39 textures for L$750.

The collection includes transparent windows and “closed” windows (roman blind)

You can purchase in from the TRU Textures in world store by clicking this link.

It is also available from the Second Life Marketplace. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Free Black & Gold Tiling Fabric Texture. TRU Textures by Elizabeth Gallagher

Free Original Texture. 
Here’s another roaming texture I am left with after I began a collection based on black and gold and inspired by the dress display on the banner of this blog (Designed by Tatanka)
My Auto FX Dreamsuit Liquid Metal plugin crashed (again) so I was unable to continue with the collection I had in mind.

As a result, I have this one really nice fabric texture that I can’t add to any collection so I have made it available as a freebie from the website.

Its 1024 x 1024 pixels and tiles on both axis.
You can use it for personal and commercial content creation but as always, the texture itself can not be redistributed “as” a texture for free or profit.

You can get it by clicking this link.


The Evil Dead - The Skeleton Key Texture Collections

The Skeleton Key Use on exterior 
I happened to stumble upon this store today in Second Life called A&C Design.

I found it via the profile of a customer who contacted me over the delivery failure of oddly enough, The Skeleton Key texture collection which they purchased from the Second Life Marketplace.

It was in one of her profile picks.

I think I have mentioned before that as I don’t (can’t) build in SL, its really nice to see my texture work actually used and used well.

A&C Designs appears to be an urban style fashion store and the clothing looks really well made which is a massive compliment to me because of course, the owner must be experienced in Photoshop so she/he could have made their own build textures had they chosen to, so the fact they used mine was and is a compliment.

Whilst they use The Skeleton Key for the exterior, inside they had used textures from The Evil Dead Interior collection which can be seen here:

Interior - Click to enlarge.

And here:

Interior 2 - Click to enlarge. 

I noticed something else, the interior set has a few textures which creates the illusion of a wall with an old black fireplace with white candles in black holders as seen here:

Interior Texture With Black Fire Surround. 

If you look at the picture above, you can see how the builder took inspiration from this and added a sculpted prim black fire surround with almost identical candle holders and candles.

There’s no denying the prim fireplace looks better but the whole reason why 3D build textures are made is to reduce the need for prims on land were you are restricted.
Still, its nice that they liked the concept and adopted it in their store build.

Another thing I think is really worth mentioning is how they have used prim columns in the corners of the build.

The problem I get when people buy 3D build textures is people tend to see them like a jigsaw set in the sense that they expect the collection to fit their specific build exactly with each and every variation made available in the collection.

The problem is, as the artist, I do not know how many jigsaw pieces (or prims) a builder plans on using so its impossible to include every single possible variation.

Only the builder knows whether their “jigsaw” is going to be a 50 or 500 piece collection and if they end up using a 500 prim build the chances are the 100 textures in the 3D build texture set may leave them certain pieces missing.

A way around this is to do exactly as the builder of A&C Designs has and that is to separate the walls with prim columns. This gives you much more freedom to “mix and match” different pieces from the same collection without running into problems of specific variations not being available.

I am happy to add extra variations to a collection if asked but as I try to explain to customers, if I included every single variation to every single texture the collection would soon run up into a 500 piece set so I have to draw the line at some point and hope the builder is able to mix them up with other textures or do as the builder above has done and add a few columns to break the set up and by default free up their options.

It’s a perfect example of how a 3D build collection “should” be used.

Claim The Fame SL Art Couture - Judge For a Day

Pig in the Middle. 
As a small time sponsor of the Claim The Fame fashion designer contest, I was asked to be a guest judge on the 10th show which ran last Wednesday 6th June 2011.

It was a lot of fun but I felt totally out of my depth and my bumbling comments probably display that.

I cant even recall what I said only that I did a lot of mumbling and had a mind freeze at one point.

People who really know me will know stuff like this takes me totally out of my comfort zone but at the same time, it was such an honour to be asked and good therapy for an introverted, anti social recluse like me. :)

I was a bag of nerves the few hours leading up to the show going live, mainly because I had to actually “talk” instead of simply typing and I knew it was going to be recorded in the archives of Google for ever and a day,  any number of nightmares could have unravelled, thankfully, they didn’t.

Believe it or not, I haven’t watched the TV show in full, I shut it down after my introduction, I can’t stand the sound of my own voice.

In order to enable lip sync I had to log in with Viewer 2 which is something I have been avoiding for ever so  I spent the day learning V2 and how to activate lip sinc.

I felt I had totally under dressed my avatar, Lillybeth Filth (the presenter had a lot of fun with my name) compared to Tatanka and Wicca, the “real judges”

Anyway,  here’s the TV show link for a giggle:  *cringe* 

Friday, 10 June 2011

Free Seamless Tiling Wood Texture - TRU Textures

See Link For Un-Watermarked Version. 
I have these 3 textures that I began making with the pattern displayed here.
Stupidly, in my never ending bid to keep my desktop clean I deleted the PSD layer so all I have are 3 textures which I can’t make a collection with.

I have uploaded them to the website and one of them is available for free download.

It can be used in personal and commercial content creation but absolutely can NOT be re-distributed “as” a texture. :)

You can download it here:

Please do not redistribute any textures you obtain on the internet as your own for free or profit unless you have written permission from the actual artist (Not just the website owner as the two are some-times not the same)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Striped Wood Inlay Floor Textures Style One & Two - TRU Textures

Click to enlarge. 
Two collections of tiling wood inlay floor textures.

Version two has a rounded effect to the planks were as Version one is more traditional flat planks.

Both tile on both axis and are sized 1024 x 1024 Pixels.
400 Linden Dollars for V2 (15 files) and 350 Linden Dollars for V1 (10 files)

They are available now from the TRU Textures store in Second Life, you can see them in-world by clicking this link

Click to enlarge. 

Available from the SL Marketplace


And here:


Monday, 6 June 2011

TRU Puesta Del Sol Mexicano V2 Building Texture Collection

Now Available 
EDIT: Now available from the TRU Textures Boutique in the grid.
You can see them in world by clicking this link.

This is the second instalment to the "Puesta Del Sol Mexicano V1” texture collection I made around 1 month ago.

There are over 100 textures in the complete collection.

You can buy them from the TRU Textures in world store in sets of 3 for L$750 each.

Or as an entire collection from the Second Life Marketplace for L$2000.

They will also be available for sale under the “Any World License” from the TRU Textures website.

They will also be available from, and very soon.

Click to enlarge. 

Click to enlarge. 

Click to enlarge. 

Click to enlarge. 

Saturday, 4 June 2011

New Tree House Textures Now Ready! TRU Textures


Finally finished the new tree house texture collection I started yesterday.

Available as a complete collection of 100 textures from the Second Life Marketplace  for L$2000

Also available from the TRU Textures store in Second Life in 3 volumes priced at L$750 per set.
You can view and purchase them in world by clicking this link. 

SAMPLE 2 - Click to enlarge. 

SAMPLE 3 - Click to enlarge. 

Friday, 3 June 2011

Tree House Texture Collection - Work In Progress

Old Barn Wall Textures
Just made this and I really like it.

Its inspired me to want to make a collection with it.
Perhaps an old wood barn with Ivy (?)


Elizabeth Tinsley, my "SLBFF” explained customers had been asking for a tree house collection we used to stock years ago and she thought it would be a good idea if I made another one.

So with the texture, above, already made, I have started a new tree house collection.

I have been experimenting with window reflections and interior views by layering a rain forest image into a window frame set to semi transparent.

I did this because people who might want to build or own a tree house but who own a parcel of land set amongst commercial locations in Second Life, perhaps won’t want to see neon signs and sex shops from their tree house window!
So I thought as well as the standard transparent windows, I would also include some with scenes of rain forests both semi sheer and opaque (for privacy scripts)

I wasn’t sure at first, I was a bit concerned that they may look cheesy so I sent one out to the Textures R Us group to ask for their opinion and they seemed to like it.

As a texture in itself, the concept doesn’t look too amazing, but when applied to a prim in Second Life, you can get an idea of how it would work.

Here’s a screenshot of one applied to a prim wall, you can see my avatar behind the window:

Click to enlarge.

You can also see some Ivy vine, this is the same vine that will be applied to the matching exterior wall so you will get both interior and exterior views of the window.

This is something I once did years ago on a log cabin collection and a friend, Basement Decade, really liked that feature.

It’s not a trick I repeated because a collection can soon add up into the hundreds when you try to include every possible variable, but because of this feature I am experimenting with the window scenes, I think its worth adding.

The full collection will be "botanical rich” with overhead canopies of vine and bamboo, climbing ropes and log ladders and lattice fencing.

As a collection, it isn’t a real time consumer so I would imagine the full collection will be available in a few days.