Friday, 20 May 2011

TRU Textures Soon to be launched on - Current Website
Recently, I “linked" with one of my clients, Tim from  in and later began chatting to him about the texture business in general and the state of the economy.

During our communications I had mentioned how swamped down I was with admin and uploads to the various third party websites I am, or will be uploading my own texture work to.
Much to my surprise and honour (genuinely) Tim asked if I would be interested in selling from his new website which was currently being built.

I was a little taken back.

This was a person I had sought out 3 years ago and pitched my meagre SL based store to.
This was a man whom I looked up to “because” of his brand on the net.

I had to double check he knew what he was suggesting,  so I sent him a URL link to my stuff on and he replied he felt I had a lot of “good stuff” both on CP and other third party websites he had noticed and TRU textures (my own personal) products.

It’s surreal to me because in my eyes, I still hold Tim and his company on a pedestal.

Up until 3 years ago, all I had to show was a store in Second Life.
Not a “real” pressence on the internet.

There is a massive gap between a SL business and a “real” business even if your SL business is generating a healthy profit. There will always be that “virtual verses real” divide. This is changing and fast.

Were once TRU was the only SL based texture business to have its own website, now other texture artists have had their own websites built and offer extended licenses... (It was bound to happen, its human nature to replicate another companies perceived success or good idea)

So instead of real business moving into Second Life, its now the other way around, companies born in SL are now launching onto the internet.

I think, this only really applies to textures as textures are something that are used universally and on many platforms and in many types of applications unlike SL fashion content for example.

So, to be invited to display my own work on one of the websites I had looked up to (and still do) is a massive compliment. is not a third party website like or he is an independent site that has only ever sold his own work and that’s why I am so flattered.

Its one thing to send your artwork into an agent based website to be sold along side thousands of other artists, and quite another to be privately invited to sell on someones own independent website.

Tim is having a new SEO friendly site built and should be ready in June at which time I will start uploading texture collections both he and I consider relative to his target market.

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