Saturday, 21 May 2011

Plaster Walls With Exposed Brick Textures Now Available

Each Texture Tiles With Others From The Same Pack
I am lost somewhere between Poser plants and Photoshop 2D textures at the moment.

You know the saying: “Its like learning to ride a bike...”?... Well, it’s nothing like that with digital art.
Sure the basics stick but when I haven’t  tinkered in Photoshop for weeks it takes hours or days to get back into the flow of it again.

These exposed brick wall textures were the best I could come up with today.

They’re OK and I may be surprised to find they’re popular but personally, as a critique of my own work, they’re not my best.

That’s a good sales pitch isn’t it?! lol

One thing I have done which makes them kind of special is made them seamless “as a collection”
By that, I mean, each texture from the collection will tile with any of the other textures.

Here’s one up close:
Click to enlarge. 

There are 18 textures which tile on both axis and sized 1024 x 1024 pixels.

For use in they can be purchased for L$500 for the 18 piece collection which also includes a plain plaster and plain brick.

They are available from the TRU Textures in world store in Second Life, click this link to see them in SL

And, as always, they’re available from the Second Life Marketplace for the same price.
You can see them by clicking this link.

You can get and use them for for C$400 from my little “mini TRU”  which has a small collection of my newer stuff that I am very slowly developing by adding older collections which I only have in SL.
I know that may seem insane but there are other places where they are stored like in the servers for the TRU website so I am not too worried about loosing them.

I run an iMac and the tool that makes transferring your stuff from SL to other grids is not supported by Mac so I have to literally pick a collection from SL, download them to my PC then upload them to AVN, sort the perms out and slap them on a wall.

I don’t spend enough time in AVN to market or manage my little store sadly.
I was explaining to Melanie (the owner) that the admin I have to do these days to keep an income is insane.

Long gone are the days when all I had to do was “create, upload, rinse and repeat
Now, I have a growing number of platforms and websites to upload to and each one of them need a contact sheet (preview image) which differs in style, size and design depending on the requirements of each website.

I sell from TRU in Second Life, TRUs website (which is taken care of by Elizabeth Tinsley thankfully)  the Second Life Marketplace,,,, and occasionally with more being added all the time.

I spend 7 hours making a collection and another 7 hours putting them “out there”

I read an article about a stock photo merchant who sells micro stock photographs on places like (The name is where we got “iSourceTextures” from lol )
He makes millions of dollars and he says the biggest PITA is the time spent uploading to different sites so he employed an “uploader” OK for some eh?

Anyway, what has come out of todays Photoshop messing is the idea to create some wood and/or marble Geometric pattern inlay floor textures.

I have started playing an hour ago and this is what I have got so far:

First Basic Draft - New Texture Collection.

This is far from how the final texture will look.

The problem when working with the Bevel blending styles is the edge of the texture is also bevelled meaning when repeated there will be a seam.

So I have two choices, either do post work to erase the seam (which can double the time it takes me to make the texture) OR do as I have above, and add a border which itself is beveled so it becomes one big tile.

I am not happy with the last option, so I will probably end up doing the post work and erasing the seams once I flatten the layers.

I have bought a CD full of Geometric patterns so I hope to release a quality collection of different patterned wood and marble/stone floor textures soon.

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