Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Palm Tree Top Textures For Sculpted Trees. - Second Life

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I have been toying with making new Palm Tree Top textures for the use with Sculpted tree trunks.

I had made previously, some Palm tree textures including the trunk and they’re “OK” but people seem to have a desire for the tree top textures only, so they may add them to purchased (or made) sculpted/mesh tree trunks in Second Life.

I purchased some plant models and I wanted to make my own texture maps so they can be identified as my own work (at least in part) and not a simple render of someone else model (and textures)

I finished my third attempt with one palm frond texture to apply to the model in DAZ studio.

This is the very rough, but basically completed result..
Draft of texture map.  

it took me an hour to create and distort each separate leaf on the branch but its the best of the three attempts so far. Its painfully slow to hand create each leaf so the final result will look natural.

There are three branches to the models and just to test the texture map I made (displayed) I applied this same map to all three branches.

Obviously, that’s not ideal so the final renders will have three different texture maps for each branch, all unique.

I want to make the ends much more fuller as well as adding some natural markings to the leaves to give it as much realism as possible.

But for a first render, I am quite happy with the result and feel more confident in which direction I should be aiming for from now on.

I do have the option of exporting the shadows “as” images on transparent PNG files from Poser 8

The beauty to this is, the shadows will be true to form based on the light directions which point  down through the palm tops therefor creating a realistic perspective shadow on the ground below.

I haven’t done this before although I can see the shadows on the ground in Poser 8, I just need to suss out how to export the shadow only, as a separate element.

Still learning....

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