Friday, 13 May 2011

Palm Tree Top Branches & Palm Frond Textures for Sculpted Trees - Second Life

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The texture collections I have been working on are now ready.

Firstly,  I made the Palm tree top textures for use with existing sculpted or prim tree trunks in Second Life and

29 high resolution palm tree top textures with various perspective views including “top down” and matching ground shadows.

As the preview displays, I broke the branches down into “layers” allowing the builder the ability to create more realism.
Admittedly, you would need to use more prims, but its an option and not a rule.

1024 x 1024 pixels, priced L$1000 ($4.56) for the 29 piece collection.

You can also get them direct from TRU Textures in world store in

They are also available from the Second Life Marketplace too.

And of course, for use in other grids such as,, and other virtual worlds, you can buy them from the TRU Website under the “Any World” license.

(They,  along with other textures can be purchase for additional types of use not associated with virtual worlds under the “Professional license”)

And finally, as the most time consuming part of the creation of the Palm tree top textures was making the actual palm fronds, (which were applied to the models that I rendered in Poser 8) I decided to also release them as a separate texture collection.

Some-one has already purchased both sets and explained the separate frond textures can be applied to her trees as additional branches and with the correct flexi settings, have them swaying in the wind which would can add a lot more realism to the end product.

Here they are:

Click to view full size

20 x high resolution Palm tree frond/branch textures priced at L$750 ($3.50)

They can be found in our store in Second Life and the Second Life Marketplace  and again like the Palm tree top textures they are also available from the TRU Textures website.

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