Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Palm Tree Branch Top & Shadow Textures - Second Life

Fat Pack 50 Palm Tree Top Textures. 

I have been working on the palm tree branch textures today from 11am till 11.30 (give or take the odd hour for food and toilet breaks!)

So I have decided to bundle the full collection in one mega pack which will include full tree tops, partial tops (like just the peak) as well as “top down” views of the tree too.

I am not sure if these different layers will be of any use in Second Life as I don’t build but it won’t hurt to include them.

I managed to work out how to export the ground shadow taken from the perspective of light shining down through the branches.

I was asked 3 months ago if I could make “tops only” with the ground shadows by a customer who purchased the full (trunk included) palm tree textures from the TRU website for use in Avination.

But at that time I had literally just started playing with Poser Debute so it was all alien to me. Since then, I have bought Poser 8 and downloaded DAZ studio and so now 100 hours later I can make what he was desperate for.

I need to learn how to make sculpted maps now. It would be great to offer them as a full package but for now I am still reverse engineering. Creating the maps for ready made  models and I am learning a lot so I hope in a month or so I will be able to try Xfrog and start to make my own plant models and meshes..shame it’s only available for Windows OS :(

Anyway, I hope to have the entire 50 or so textures uploaded and available for purchase by the end of the week.

Here’s a sample of one of the full top versions...


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