Sunday, 22 May 2011

Marble Tile Floor Textures - Work In Progress

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So, I decided to go with Marble instead of wood, I couldn’t find the right type of wood I envisioned.
I wanted rough, unfinished wood with lots of knots and markings.

The beauty is I have about 40 different patterns to work with and thousands of base materials to mix and match.

I removed the border (mentioned in the last post) and worked a way to make them seamless on both axis.

I like how this one turned out and on this collection I will be creating specular, displacement and normal maps to go with the diffuse (colour) texture you see here.

I am adding bump maps as I feel these will be very versatile and could be used within architectural visualisation in 3D software, I think (?)

I’ll create 10 of this pattern and the move onto another and perhaps stone or slate or even wood if I can make some that works well.

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