Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Identity Theft .. bogus email from “eBay”

Now, I know two people who are saying to themselves: (and anyone who gives a crap)
“Pffft! Who would want her identity?! I wouldn’t !!  (+!!!!!)  I would rather soil my pants!” and other juvenile BS but  apparently someone did.

Of course I am talking about my real ID not my “handle”

I was stupid enough two weeks ago to respond to an email from Ebay which informed me that under section 4.5 of blah blah blah,  my account was suspended (Or would be) if I didn’t verify my ID and to do so I should:  “Click this link”

The link took me to what looked exactly like an eBay page where I eagerly added my bank card number and the 3 little digits on the back.

At this point I was wondering why eBay needed my card details,  I use PayPal after all, but in fear of account suspension under The Consumerism Act 1989, Section 4.5 ... blah blah blah, I just filled it in and hit enter.

Then, two days later I got another email, same thing, and I thought....”Hold on a minute!” and proceeded to call bay to confirm what I already knew and that was, that they would not, under any circumstances, ask for customers bank info.... (dumb ass!)

Of course they wouldn’t. What WAS I thinking? Too late, already, too late.

I stopped my bank card and changed my eBay password but eBay was of no interest to them as it turns out because this morning I got a letter in the post from British Telecom informing me that my business broadband account had been activated. (?)

I had not used BT for over 3 years, so I phoned them and they informed me someone had opened the account on the 16th May 2011 with the email address of

I closed the bogus account down but I know this is the start of probably months of this kind of crap all at a cost to me by being left on hold on 0845 telephone numbers.

I tried to check my online banking to see if there was any unusual activity but at the log in page was told to telephone the bank and denied access.

I phoned and was then told someone had tried to either gain access to my account or attempted to use my account card fraudulently.

It was pretty serious as normally, you verify your ID with a series of questions and answers over the phone and they activate everything for you again but this time,  I had to take some photographic evidence to a branch and until such time I had no access to my account and any associated cards were on hold.

At the bank, the clerk showed me my account on the PC screen which displayed around nine transactions they had declined, seven of them were not mine.

A few for the Auto Trader website and one for BT, which corresponded with the letter I had got this morning.

The weird thing is, this was done on the new card I had ordered after I had cancelled my original card (which I had willingly sent the details of) following the eBay incident, so I have no idea how they gained access to my new bank card and the clerk, for obvious reasons wasn’t forth coming with the “hows and whys"

I am awaiting my new “new" card in the post and the next line of action is to check my credit history with which I suspect will reveal a lot of recent credit applications that I had nothing to do with..

After 10 years on the net you would have thought I wouldn’t have fallen for a trick as old as this, but I did.

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