Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tree Top Branch Textures Volumes 2 & 3

Perfect for sculpted tree bases. 

Available for SL use on the SL Marketplace - Here and Here  for L$450 (Linden Dollars per collection)

Soon available from TRU Textures website

So, onwards with the botanical textures I have now made two more collections of tree top textures mainly with the use of sculpted and prim tree trunks in Second Life.

I am not sure there is a market for these outside of SL (?)
Perhaps artists may like to include them to frame some art or “stuff” lol

It’s hard to gage what will be popular in SL and what will be “outside” of SL and sometimes I am surprised by things that sell well outside of SL when I would have never imagined an interest for them.

I do like these though and can imagine they would look really nice when applied correctly and I think there is a need for them too.
The only ones I have seen are made by the prim tree creators themselves and for obvious reasons they do not sell the textures they use in their own prim content.

I sometimes wonder whether botanical prim content creators resent me for releasing textures like this.
I guess its a form of direct competition as I am making available textures other merchants may not be able to create and by buying these, they can then make (and sell) their own prim trees and plants.

But then thats always been the way.

Back in 2005 the big time building and prefab merchants made their own textures and “lesser mortals” could not compete because they did not have the required skill and/or software to make textures as good as those seen and sold on premium merchants content.

So when I introduced “3D Build” (wall textures with transparent windows) to SL in 2006 it was revolutionary at the time because there was no other texture store in or outside of SL that offered these types of textures, they were only seen on pre made builds and not sold as a texture resource.

Because of this, builders could charge a lot of money as there was little to no competition.

All that has changed now of course. Whilst I may of been the first to introduce 3D Build textures, I am by no means the last or the best.

The texture industry is no longer a niche market in SL its now very saturated with both quality and cheap and cheerful (Googled) texture stores which has happened during (and perhaps because of) the global recession.

I wonder what would have happened had the recession not happened....I guess we can never know and only speculate.

I speculate the market flood would still have occurred but people would still own land and there would still be a good in world community and without the subconscious fear of “spending money” more people would be building for fun and not for money as they developed their virtual locations.

$280 a month for a virtual island is imo a "touch too much” to expect the residential market to feel comfortable spending right now.

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