Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mexico 3D Build Textures....Work In Progress Prt2 ~ TRU Textures ~

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Well, it’s been slow in the making but it’s starting to come together at last, the Mexican custom request. I said a week and I think I will make the deadline.

I have managed to find one window I think works (above) but I need another one,  perhaps an old white washed wood frame which I can add some lace drapes and shutters to.

Not sure about doors. Do people use them anymore? They are just an illusion and always have been.

In the past, builders would make the prim (textured with the wall with a door texture) set to phantom so you could walk through it,  but I think these days people prefer physically moving doors.
It takes more prims I know,  but I don’t get asked much for doors now.

Perhaps I will add some stone archways, dunno, anyway.... I hope the customer is pleased with them... they were hard to make than usual.
Largely because I have been fighting a virus for a month (that time of year and apparently I am not taking enough vitamin D yet!)  and partly because I have not made a 3D collection for months so I am a little rusty.

It’s taken me a day or two to get back into the flow of 2D I have become anal about realism and these bright colours are not my normal genre... I tend to lean towards castles and run down grungy builds and those type of textures are all about making each component blend with the others by matching the colour...this is the exact opposite.

It’s a learning always..

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