Wednesday, 27 April 2011 an Independent Review 

I still find it surreal that both TRU Textures and have been reviewed along side and in the same time frame as giants such as CGTextures and Marlin Studios.

There are quite literally hundreds of texture resource websites that have popped up in the last 2 years compared to only two that I am aware of back in 2008, which was and CG Textures.

Of the two, only environment allows use of their texture stock as a derivative source for texture artists.

The reason we created was “because” of the restrictive licensing on most stock sites including CG Textures.

The owner has fallen fowl to the assumptions many people have made about how they can use CGs photo stock.

With advertising such as: “The largest supply of free textures on the internet”; it was little wonder in my opinion,  that people made incorrect assumptions over what they could do with his texture stock.

Generally, people see the word “free” assume that means you don’t care about what happens to your textures and that’s why you're giving them away.

That added with the fact at one time his user license was kind of hidden under the “About” tab,   it was bound to give him headaches down the line.

Of course, I am not suggesting people “should” make those assumptions but after 5 years “in the business” I have been on both sides of the fence and really until you have, you can’t appreciate both view points.

The simple fact is people are not educated or informed about copyright unless they have worked in a field where knowledge of it was required.

I was a paid subscribed member of both CG and environment  for 2-4 years until quite by chance I saw a question regarding usage in CGs forums (no longer active)

He replied, quite sternly, that people could not use his textures as a derivative in their own texture collection which they intended to distribute, commercial or not.

No use to me then.

So, as the review explains, at we do allow our texture stock to be used as a derivative in peoples texture collections including commercial use.

The only exception to that are our free textures and the User Ready collections.

Its common sense really.... if you want to make money from content you create, its only fair you pay for the materials you use in the creation of said content.

There’s nothing more annoying than when people expect freebies to create content they intend to profit from..

Anyway, I digress. Here is the review

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