Sunday, 24 April 2011

Good Second Life Texture Artists

Starship Jeffersons Perspective View Texture Sample
It’s a strange feeling to see a new collection of 3D build textures made by one of the artists with TRU,  dropped off at the TRU Texture store and find it to be jaw droppingly amazing.

Strange, because of course from a business POV it’s something that makes me feel very proud and excited to represent but as an artist it triggers the "green eyed monster" in me.

Starship Jefferson imo is one of Second Lifes finest texture artists and I say that as a fellow artist in full confidence because I can see from my own experience the work that has gone into his collections.

A large percentage of his art is made from Photoshop filters, layer blends and manually applied shadow and light with gaussian blur.

Not only that, the imagination to create something like this new Haunted Mine collection is kinda scary to me.  I wonder where he gathers his inspiration from.

Starship Jeffersons Haunted Mine Texture Sample 2
Whilst I am more proficient in the skills Starship uses than I was say 2 years ago,  I am still essentially a photo manipulator.

I need a base to work from, a beginning, and as a teenager at School,  I was the same.

I cannot look at a blank sheet and just “draw”
I need some inspiration to get my imagination working.
That may be something as simple as a really nice window photo then I pull the other pieces to work together and blend them so they all look like they come from the same family.

Starship relies very little on photo stock, its all shapes, shading and light by hand in Photoshop and he always does an amazing job which makes me love him and hate him all at the same time! :)

Here’s a link to the full collection priced at L$800

Then sat next to this collection in the store is a new 3D build huge collection, The Black Church made by Koba Ajax who is a friend in “real life” and my partner to
Texture Sample From The Black Church by Koba Ajax

Unlike Starship (Who seems to have always been able to make good textures!...damn it!) Koba, like me, has grown to be a proficient artist and just keeps on improving.

There was a time, Koba would talk about my work like I talk about Starships.

He would send me a sample of a collection he was working on via Skype for my critique and me being me, would tell him what I liked and what I didn’t  and show him a couple of tricks or advise him if he asked.

But this new collection needed no advise or critique from me.

Its my favorite of Kobas because he stepped out of his comfort zone (historical temples) and I think sometimes when we push ourselves onto strange terrain, we come out a better artist and this collection is a classic example of that.

If you notice both artists have used a unique and clever trick of creating the illusion of perspective which can be used to make a building look larger or as a “secret” wall.

I can imagine builders using these type of illusion textures to hide secret rooms much like the fake bookcase doors you see used in haunted house movies.

The Black Church 3D Build Texture Sample.
One thing I really like about The Black Church collection are the stained glass windows with the skull and bone border.

Like me, Koba uses his own photo stock taken by his own camera which can be found at our stock website

Both collections can be seen and purchased from TRU Textures in world store here

And will both be soon available from the TRU Textures website under our Any World License for use in other grids and virtual worlds.


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