Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Evil Dead Texture Collection - TRU Textures

Textures Applied in (click to enlarge)

Its rare that I see textures I have made applied in Second Life these days, I hardly ever log in because I haven’t “played” in SL for 3+ years. After being a member for 7 years (just gone) its pure business these days.

So by default, I will usually log in, upload, deal with new custom discount refunds and log out again.

I don’t think I am unusual in that respect.

I suspect most “serious” business owners have their heads stuck in 2D and 3D software 90% of their working day,  but I guess for fashion related content (skins and clothing) they have to log in to try the textures in world to see if they work.

Its different with build textures, we can check for seamless work in Photoshop,  no need to upload to check for that.
On the very rare occasion I will check the transparency in a window as Photoshop doesn’t reflect true transparency as it would appear when applied in world.

Anyway, I digress (again) a new customer sent me her 50% discount card and as always, I checked the transaction history on the TRU website as sometimes someone may have made a purchase in 2009/10 and forgotten.
Thankfully, this wasn’t the case and so I refunded her.

She sent me this picture and said “It’s the only house I have built that I actually like!” (which was nice)

I love seeing my work used well and I love this build.
I especially like the touches such as the roof “things” (that stop birds crapping on your roof) they really add a feel of “Victorian”

The builders name is Giulietta Sugarplum and you can buy The Evil Dead texture collections from the TRU Textures website  either licensed just for use in Second Life or you can also buy them under the Any World License meaning they are licensed for use in SL and any other virtual world/s you wish both now or in the future.

You can also purchase them in Second Life here:

Or as single textures from and finally (lol) they are also available from

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