Thursday, 7 April 2011

Claim The Fame Contest Stage Area Sneak Peak.

Playing Cheryl Cole.
The Claim The Fame fashion designer contest kicked off with its first live event yesterday.

I got it into my head it was today, the 7th of April when in fact it was the 6th and so I arrived at the location to find myself alone. (typical!)

I had been sent a VIP invite for being one of the sponsors of the contest (donating free fashion textures) and thankfully my apology was accepted and I was invited to attend next week for the second of several contests.

View From Judge Seat
Anyway, being alone at the location allowed me to take a sneak peek from behind the stage whilst also playing one of the judges and even one of the models who will be wearing the contestants outfits.

Cant imagine how terrifying it must be for even a virtual model to walk out into a live audience.
I suppose unlike real life, if you mess up you can “fake a crash” or blame the LAG. :)

The stage looked very slick with colour coordinated seating and lights and when the music is blasting and the place is filled with audience members, designers, models, event organisers and
judges I bet its a blast.

Sat at one of the handful of front seat tables.
I have never really attended any contests in SL except one for The Best Of SL as a last minute stand in judge, so I can’t refuse an opportunity like this.

I normally shy away from publicity or SL social situations to be honest.
I don’t really do anything in SL that’s not work related, I guess after 7 years the shine wears thin but to see all the effort and skill from the event organisers, designers and models in a 3D real time environment is kind of exciting.

I wish I could be a judge and attend them all but what do I know about virtual fashion? Nuffin much.
View From Back Of Stadium

View - Front Stage.

View From Back Stage Walking Out. 

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