Monday, 25 April 2011

3D Build Texture custom request for Mexican Collection

Very First Drafts.
I have been struggling to muster up the creative initiative to make a new collection of 3D build textures (game textures) and so when I was approached by a customer asking if we had any Mexican textures I had to admit, we didn’t but it was just the incentive I needed.

There are collections we have that could just about pass for Mexican but he wanted modern day shabby buildings, the bright coloured, painted plaster walls with open (no glass) windows and old wooden doors and windows.

I asked for some reference photos and loved what I saw.

Not only are Mexican town house painted in bright colours, but some of them have decorative painted Borders and around the windows and doors.

I am at long last, excited to start working tomorrow.

I have "Rons Plaster brushes" and the windows and doors I can get from

I am going to take some inspiration from the methods used by a couple of good texture artists I admire in Second Life.

One artist in particular is very good at creating what I would describe as "texture illustration" very light and airy, not much use of photo stock but tons of manual hand drawn shadow and light work.

It's a style used by fashion designers in Second Life when they build and texture their boutique stores, it’s hard to explain really. Modern illustration,  like creating the illusion of wood instead of using wood photo stock (?) lol....I know what I mean anyway!

It's been 6 weeks since I have worked in photoshop as I have been lost in Poser and Daz but I need to do some 2D art now... I miss it.

So watch this space!

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