Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mexico 3D Build Textures....Work In Progress Prt2 ~ TRU Textures ~

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Well, it’s been slow in the making but it’s starting to come together at last, the Mexican custom request. I said a week and I think I will make the deadline.

I have managed to find one window I think works (above) but I need another one,  perhaps an old white washed wood frame which I can add some lace drapes and shutters to.

Not sure about doors. Do people use them anymore? They are just an illusion and always have been.

In the past, builders would make the prim (textured with the wall with a door texture) set to phantom so you could walk through it,  but I think these days people prefer physically moving doors.
It takes more prims I know,  but I don’t get asked much for doors now.

Perhaps I will add some stone archways, dunno, anyway.... I hope the customer is pleased with them... they were hard to make than usual.
Largely because I have been fighting a virus for a month (that time of year and apparently I am not taking enough vitamin D yet!)  and partly because I have not made a 3D collection for months so I am a little rusty.

It’s taken me a day or two to get back into the flow of 2D I have become anal about realism and these bright colours are not my normal genre... I tend to lean towards castles and run down grungy builds and those type of textures are all about making each component blend with the others by matching the colour...this is the exact opposite.

It’s a learning always..

The Evil Dead Texture Collection - TRU Textures

Textures Applied in (click to enlarge)

Its rare that I see textures I have made applied in Second Life these days, I hardly ever log in because I haven’t “played” in SL for 3+ years. After being a member for 7 years (just gone) its pure business these days.

So by default, I will usually log in, upload, deal with new custom discount refunds and log out again.

I don’t think I am unusual in that respect.

I suspect most “serious” business owners have their heads stuck in 2D and 3D software 90% of their working day,  but I guess for fashion related content (skins and clothing) they have to log in to try the textures in world to see if they work.

Its different with build textures, we can check for seamless work in Photoshop,  no need to upload to check for that.
On the very rare occasion I will check the transparency in a window as Photoshop doesn’t reflect true transparency as it would appear when applied in world.

Anyway, I digress (again) a new customer sent me her 50% discount card and as always, I checked the transaction history on the TRU website as sometimes someone may have made a purchase in 2009/10 and forgotten.
Thankfully, this wasn’t the case and so I refunded her.

She sent me this picture and said “It’s the only house I have built that I actually like!” (which was nice)

I love seeing my work used well and I love this build.
I especially like the touches such as the roof “things” (that stop birds crapping on your roof) they really add a feel of “Victorian”

The builders name is Giulietta Sugarplum and you can buy The Evil Dead texture collections from the TRU Textures website  either licensed just for use in Second Life or you can also buy them under the Any World License meaning they are licensed for use in SL and any other virtual world/s you wish both now or in the future.

You can also purchase them in Second Life here:

Or as single textures from and finally (lol) they are also available from

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mexico 3D Build Textures....Work In Progress ~ TRU Textures ~

The Mexican Walls So far. *click to enlarge*

Well, I am making progress with the Mexican custom request.. added a very light dirt mask to the edges of the walls which come in various colours and themes, these are just two of around ten colour variations.

Just now, before I wrapped up for the night, I tried layering some of my recently made spring plants and Ivy Vine textures and with some tweaking of colours I like the effect.

You may have noticed there are no windows! lol

I have been playing with a couple of windows and an old wooden gate door but I just can’t seem to get them to blend. It’s just a matter of finding the right ones and thats when things really start falling into place and I start having fun.

What i am really proud of is the fact these plants are my own.

Until recently I relied on buying foliage from licensed merchants and used them as a derivative source for my own textures,  but its nice to know these are truly unique to me.
Perhaps they will pop up in other peoples work in time as I have also released them as stand alone texture packs, but for now its nice to feel everything is “mine” an Independent Review 

I still find it surreal that both TRU Textures and have been reviewed along side and in the same time frame as giants such as CGTextures and Marlin Studios.

There are quite literally hundreds of texture resource websites that have popped up in the last 2 years compared to only two that I am aware of back in 2008, which was and CG Textures.

Of the two, only environment allows use of their texture stock as a derivative source for texture artists.

The reason we created was “because” of the restrictive licensing on most stock sites including CG Textures.

The owner has fallen fowl to the assumptions many people have made about how they can use CGs photo stock.

With advertising such as: “The largest supply of free textures on the internet”; it was little wonder in my opinion,  that people made incorrect assumptions over what they could do with his texture stock.

Generally, people see the word “free” assume that means you don’t care about what happens to your textures and that’s why you're giving them away.

That added with the fact at one time his user license was kind of hidden under the “About” tab,   it was bound to give him headaches down the line.

Of course, I am not suggesting people “should” make those assumptions but after 5 years “in the business” I have been on both sides of the fence and really until you have, you can’t appreciate both view points.

The simple fact is people are not educated or informed about copyright unless they have worked in a field where knowledge of it was required.

I was a paid subscribed member of both CG and environment  for 2-4 years until quite by chance I saw a question regarding usage in CGs forums (no longer active)

He replied, quite sternly, that people could not use his textures as a derivative in their own texture collection which they intended to distribute, commercial or not.

No use to me then.

So, as the review explains, at we do allow our texture stock to be used as a derivative in peoples texture collections including commercial use.

The only exception to that are our free textures and the User Ready collections.

Its common sense really.... if you want to make money from content you create, its only fair you pay for the materials you use in the creation of said content.

There’s nothing more annoying than when people expect freebies to create content they intend to profit from..

Anyway, I digress. Here is the review

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mexican Wall Textures By LillyBeth Filth TRU Textures Part Two

Draft Two - Still not happy but “getting there"
So, I wasn’t happy with the first draft (previous post) the window didn’t look like it belonged at all.

Will be working more with stained wood windows, shutters and doors and not coloured windows.

The hardest thing for me about making these textures is “keeping things simple”

I keep adding stone relief borders, pillars and “frills" only to remind myself they are not authentic to traditional Mexican buildings.

I will be adding cracks and aged and worn areas before I publish them for sale.

I plan on making the windows transparent with lace drapes and closed with wood shutters.

Todays the first day I have been experimenting so I reckon they should be complete in the next 3 - 4 days.

Its 12.30 a.m so I am off to play The Sims Medieval....very addictive! But I never allow myself to play it during the day..that would kill me with guilt.

I reckon its healthier to have some chill out time at nights, before I would work on a texture collection till 3am but found I would be rushing to complete it.

I am going to take my time on these and see if they come out better as a result of not pushing and rushing.

Monday, 25 April 2011

3D Build Texture custom request for Mexican Collection

Very First Drafts.
I have been struggling to muster up the creative initiative to make a new collection of 3D build textures (game textures) and so when I was approached by a customer asking if we had any Mexican textures I had to admit, we didn’t but it was just the incentive I needed.

There are collections we have that could just about pass for Mexican but he wanted modern day shabby buildings, the bright coloured, painted plaster walls with open (no glass) windows and old wooden doors and windows.

I asked for some reference photos and loved what I saw.

Not only are Mexican town house painted in bright colours, but some of them have decorative painted Borders and around the windows and doors.

I am at long last, excited to start working tomorrow.

I have "Rons Plaster brushes" and the windows and doors I can get from

I am going to take some inspiration from the methods used by a couple of good texture artists I admire in Second Life.

One artist in particular is very good at creating what I would describe as "texture illustration" very light and airy, not much use of photo stock but tons of manual hand drawn shadow and light work.

It's a style used by fashion designers in Second Life when they build and texture their boutique stores, it’s hard to explain really. Modern illustration,  like creating the illusion of wood instead of using wood photo stock (?) lol....I know what I mean anyway!

It's been 6 weeks since I have worked in photoshop as I have been lost in Poser and Daz but I need to do some 2D art now... I miss it.

So watch this space!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Good Second Life Texture Artists

Starship Jeffersons Perspective View Texture Sample
It’s a strange feeling to see a new collection of 3D build textures made by one of the artists with TRU,  dropped off at the TRU Texture store and find it to be jaw droppingly amazing.

Strange, because of course from a business POV it’s something that makes me feel very proud and excited to represent but as an artist it triggers the "green eyed monster" in me.

Starship Jefferson imo is one of Second Lifes finest texture artists and I say that as a fellow artist in full confidence because I can see from my own experience the work that has gone into his collections.

A large percentage of his art is made from Photoshop filters, layer blends and manually applied shadow and light with gaussian blur.

Not only that, the imagination to create something like this new Haunted Mine collection is kinda scary to me.  I wonder where he gathers his inspiration from.

Starship Jeffersons Haunted Mine Texture Sample 2
Whilst I am more proficient in the skills Starship uses than I was say 2 years ago,  I am still essentially a photo manipulator.

I need a base to work from, a beginning, and as a teenager at School,  I was the same.

I cannot look at a blank sheet and just “draw”
I need some inspiration to get my imagination working.
That may be something as simple as a really nice window photo then I pull the other pieces to work together and blend them so they all look like they come from the same family.

Starship relies very little on photo stock, its all shapes, shading and light by hand in Photoshop and he always does an amazing job which makes me love him and hate him all at the same time! :)

Here’s a link to the full collection priced at L$800

Then sat next to this collection in the store is a new 3D build huge collection, The Black Church made by Koba Ajax who is a friend in “real life” and my partner to
Texture Sample From The Black Church by Koba Ajax

Unlike Starship (Who seems to have always been able to make good textures!...damn it!) Koba, like me, has grown to be a proficient artist and just keeps on improving.

There was a time, Koba would talk about my work like I talk about Starships.

He would send me a sample of a collection he was working on via Skype for my critique and me being me, would tell him what I liked and what I didn’t  and show him a couple of tricks or advise him if he asked.

But this new collection needed no advise or critique from me.

Its my favorite of Kobas because he stepped out of his comfort zone (historical temples) and I think sometimes when we push ourselves onto strange terrain, we come out a better artist and this collection is a classic example of that.

If you notice both artists have used a unique and clever trick of creating the illusion of perspective which can be used to make a building look larger or as a “secret” wall.

I can imagine builders using these type of illusion textures to hide secret rooms much like the fake bookcase doors you see used in haunted house movies.

The Black Church 3D Build Texture Sample.
One thing I really like about The Black Church collection are the stained glass windows with the skull and bone border.

Like me, Koba uses his own photo stock taken by his own camera which can be found at our stock website

Both collections can be seen and purchased from TRU Textures in world store here

And will both be soon available from the TRU Textures website under our Any World License for use in other grids and virtual worlds.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday - A Day in Pikey Paradise - Blackpool

Me Under the pier BlackPool. 

Good Friday 2011 and it was blistering hot..I wasn’t going to sit at my PC all day (again) no wonder I am vitamin D deficient!

So we (Me, Malc and Harvey) went to “sunny Blackbool”

What a crap hole.

The banquet of culture was vast and largely unappetising.

Gypsies locking eye contact with me asking:
 “Would you like to have you're fortune read darling?”
 I was tempted on the second time to respond:
 “I dunno, you tell me.
But I am superstitious and worried they might put a curse on me. (lol no, really!)

The problem with sunny days in the UK is we don’t have time to acclimatise.

When we go abroad to Greece, Spain, Italy or basically anywhere other than the UK, the first day is hard but by the second day your body adjusts to the heat and apart from it making you sleepy in the later afternoon, (siesta) we cope.

In the UK we complain that we don’t get enough sun then when we do, we go out in it, moan how hot we are, burn ourselves as we try to make up for the lack of sun on the other 364 days in the year and plod off home with lobster red skin and swollen feet.

Then we have the issue of Harvey our mini Daschund. 

We’re used to people pointing and “awwww a sausage dog!!” when we walk him but I swear every other group of people or family were saying it and after an hour it gets really old and hard to keep smiling in response.

A little girl came tumbling towards him...sticky hands grasping in mid air ready to pull his tail or ears ... her Mum asked: “does it bite?” and I replied.. “Yea, he doesn't like small children” (He’s like me!)  and she laughed!
I wasn’t joking.

Are we having fun yet? 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Elizabeth Tinsley - LillyBeth Filth

Elizabeth Tinsley (right) Me Left.
My SLBF of four years, Elizabeth Tinsley.

Dresses by Tatanka Kaligawa

Google Maps My House

From Google Maps
Martin (Thorian) was showing me where he lived in Germany on Google maps so I naturally wanted to show him my home too.

I can’t seem to work out how to get the URL to allow other people to link directly to the “3D view” in Google Maps though.

They couldnt have picked a worse day to take the photo, Thursdays, when the bins are collected!

But my house is the one with the blue MX5 parked outside.

This photo must me 2 yrs old as there is a for sale sign up which was removed after I bought it (Obviously)

Boring huh?
Its a culdesac (one way dead end street) and quiet as death.

We get squirrels, wood pigeons (that shit all over my conservatory glass roof!) and owls in the garden from the woods near by.

So there you go, a little piece of me I encouraging stalkers?...

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tree Top Branch Textures Volumes 2 & 3

Perfect for sculpted tree bases. 

Available for SL use on the SL Marketplace - Here and Here  for L$450 (Linden Dollars per collection)

Soon available from TRU Textures website

So, onwards with the botanical textures I have now made two more collections of tree top textures mainly with the use of sculpted and prim tree trunks in Second Life.

I am not sure there is a market for these outside of SL (?)
Perhaps artists may like to include them to frame some art or “stuff” lol

It’s hard to gage what will be popular in SL and what will be “outside” of SL and sometimes I am surprised by things that sell well outside of SL when I would have never imagined an interest for them.

I do like these though and can imagine they would look really nice when applied correctly and I think there is a need for them too.
The only ones I have seen are made by the prim tree creators themselves and for obvious reasons they do not sell the textures they use in their own prim content.

I sometimes wonder whether botanical prim content creators resent me for releasing textures like this.
I guess its a form of direct competition as I am making available textures other merchants may not be able to create and by buying these, they can then make (and sell) their own prim trees and plants.

But then thats always been the way.

Back in 2005 the big time building and prefab merchants made their own textures and “lesser mortals” could not compete because they did not have the required skill and/or software to make textures as good as those seen and sold on premium merchants content.

So when I introduced “3D Build” (wall textures with transparent windows) to SL in 2006 it was revolutionary at the time because there was no other texture store in or outside of SL that offered these types of textures, they were only seen on pre made builds and not sold as a texture resource.

Because of this, builders could charge a lot of money as there was little to no competition.

All that has changed now of course. Whilst I may of been the first to introduce 3D Build textures, I am by no means the last or the best.

The texture industry is no longer a niche market in SL its now very saturated with both quality and cheap and cheerful (Googled) texture stores which has happened during (and perhaps because of) the global recession.

I wonder what would have happened had the recession not happened....I guess we can never know and only speculate.

I speculate the market flood would still have occurred but people would still own land and there would still be a good in world community and without the subconscious fear of “spending money” more people would be building for fun and not for money as they developed their virtual locations.

$280 a month for a virtual island is imo a "touch too much” to expect the residential market to feel comfortable spending right now.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Tree Top Textures By TRU Textures Ltd -

Perfect For Use With Sculpted Tree Trunks
I’ve known for a long time now that tree top textures (with no trunk) are desirable in Second Life because there is a general lack of them for use with the different sculpted tree trunks that can be found for sale.

So in DAZ Studio,  I played around with the alpha settings and managed to suss out how to remove the tree trunk whilst leaving the tree tops visable, made some texture maps with leaves and different petals and flowers and here they are!

This is the first in probably a massive collection of tree top textures I intend to create.

They can be found at the TRU Textures store in Second Life and from the SL Marketplace  with and to follow soon.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Summer Blossom Tree Textures

12 heavy blossom Summer tree textures each with its own colour and flower type ranging from Cherry Tree pink to Apple tree white.

1024 x 1024 pixels on PNG transparent file format (Shadows in preview are for illustration only)

Available from the Second Life Marketplace, TRU Textures Ltd, the TRU store in-world,, and

$4.99 for use outside of Second Life and 450 - 500 Linden Dollars in and Second Life.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Release - TRU Textures Hydrangea Flowering Plant Textures

Custom Made Texture Maps 

24 original coloured Hydrangea flower bush textures.

Made with custom made texture maps.

Sample Custom Map.

Now available from the TRU Textures in world store in (750 Linden Dollars)

The Second Life Marketplace and soon TRU Textures Website (for licensed use in other virtual worlds and general, professional use outside of Second life) as well as and

1024 x 1024 Pixels. Saved on PNG transparent backgrounds.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hyrdangea Flower Textures - TRU Textures

Custom Texture Maps Applied
So, back on with the flower textures.

I upgraded Poser Debut to Poser 8 and after 3 weeks of not being able to activate it due to some admin error I finally got it activated today and created a new texture map for the Hydrangea props I have.

New leafs, petals and bump maps.

These are the pink and there will be white and blue/purple to follow soon both as bushes and single stems.

So far I have noticed Poser 8 renders a lot faster then Poser Debut which is good news as a render with settings as high as this sample had would have taken me 20 was painfully slow.

I was lucky in my timing for buying Poser 8.
I had already got the basic “debut” version for $49.99 and then Smith Micro (the creators of Poser) ran a promotion on all of their software offering 60% off.

It’s cheaper to upgrade than it is to buy from scratch so with the promotion and upgrade I managed to get Poser 8 for $80.00 (plus the $49.99 I paid for Debut)

Its 1am here and I am too tired to tweak the maps any more but tomorrow I will start the Hydrangea texture collection and should have them finished by the end of the day.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Relay For Life - Fantasy Faire Central - Cancer Charity Event in Second Life

View of some of the fantasy style builds made by members of

I was browsing the profile of my friend and business associate, Elizabeth Tinsley (Second Life name) the other day and noticed TRU Textures had been knocked off her top spot in her profile picks (a place to place some of your favorite locations in Second Life)

I didn’t stop to take the time to read what the “top spot” on her favorite places was.
I only scanned enough to note she was the coordination liaison of "some event" and went immediately into ‘me mode” and wrote to enquire why she had removed TRU from her profile in favor of some event she was coordinating whilst droning on a little about how hurt I was. (yadda yadda)

My problem is I speak/act before I think.....

Anyway, in her reply she apologised and explained she had been volunteering her time in helping to organise the third Second Life charity event for SL Relay For Life (American Cancer Society)

This year it was a fantasy themed faire spread out over four sims featuring some of Second Lifes most skilled and artistic designers displaying offerings ranging from clothing, skins and avatar accessories to builds, avatars and horses.

Of course, I felt dreadful once I had learnt it was a non profitable event to raise funds for cancer research.

During our conversation in Skype were I, as usual, babbled on about sales, income, profits and the growing concern of maintaining an income in the global recession, I stopped and allowed Beth to explain a little of what this event was about and the money it had already raised.

I discovered in the short week they had been running the faire they had already raised $15,000 USD and projected by Sunday (when the event ended) that figure could reach $20,000 all made with donations from members of Second Life either buying or selling products and donating 100% of their proceeds.

This picture doesn’t do it justice at all. (sorry)
From a designers POV its a good way to have your brand and products reach an audience whilst also providing a way to raise funds for Relay For Life.
From a customers POV its a superb chance to see some beautiful art and buy or bid on limited edition content which by default also allows you to donate to a worthy cause.

I don’t “do” Second Life. I haven't for 3 years or more now.
I have been a member for 7 years almost to the day and since SL became my job some 4 years ago,  I don’t have time to stop and "smell the flowers" or appreciate the view anymore.
I would go far as to say I don’t see the appeal of SL anymore.

But then if you never venture outside the four walls of your private island/business, you're not likely to are you? It’s all business to me when I log in....sadly.

Beth encouraged me to pay the faire a visit and I asked for a land mark.

I asked if she had contributed any of her jewelry designs which I know she had been working on for over a year or more and she explained she had sold some items.

And so I went to see what my eyes had been closed to for many years, the beauty of what Second Life can be with enough skill, talent and desire to create.

Firstly the 4 sims were busy, very!
It’s been a long time since I have seen so many people gathered in one place and the "business bitch" in me wished I had be aware of the event so I could have been involved too.

Good traffic is a rare treat for designers to have their name and products seen by new eyes.

My first port of call was to find Elizabeth store. I was going to buy something (and donate) but I wanted it to be through Beth (biased)

I found a few stores selling fantasy type structures and Medieval houses, some of them made with textures I had made and sold, which is always nice to see. :)

Earendilia Antiques & Garden Centre Made With “Kings Castle” texture set

I eventually found Elizabeths store at the faire, “Flippery” where you can see and buy unique artistic  jewelry which looks “hand made”

Here is a SLurl to the Flippery store at the faire

As a texture artist, I fell in love with the stained glass windows I assume Elizabeth made (she shows as the creator and it looks like her work)

 Frippery -whimsical jewelry for imaginative minds by Elizabeth Tinsley

Beautiful Textures - Esp the Stained Glass I think Beth Made.

At Elizabeths store store I noticed a sign which indicated an auction item.
I clicked for a note card which read:

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your interest in this very special auction item. Let me describe a bit more in detail what it is you are possibly bidding for. I am offering you a position as my muse. Be my inspiration for a set that is based on you. Think beyond your favorite metal or gemstone to what makes your heart soar and then let me capture that passion in prims and give it back to you. If this sounds like an adventure you would like to be a part of then I invite you to bid. I look forward to meeting the intrepid explorer who will win this prize and discovering what we will create together.

To view some of my work please feel free to visit my shop on Enchanted Mysts or my cottage gallery at Ode.

Seriously, I would love that!

I don’t wear SL jewelry (whats the point with my SL right?) but no one knows me better in SL than Elizabeth so to have some artistic jewelry born out of inspiration from me??? My ego is too large to turn that down! lol

So I went off to find the auctions and placed a bid on her item.

It didn’t really surprise me to see hers had raised one of the highest amounts of bids (L$10,500) so I placed mine and I hope I win it..I really do.

I told her I had bid and she was ecstatic and offered to do it anyway (incase I didn’t win) but that’s not the point. I want to be able to donate too, I want to win it fair and square and it’s for a good cause anyway.

Most people have been touched by cancer either directly or indirectly.

I had Malignant Melanoma, stage two 7 years ago.
My sister died of womb cancer on July the 4th 2009 aged 47 and my Grandma had breast cancer at 41.

Whilst I have always donated £5.00 a month from my bank account to Cancer Research, this was different, it was “tangible” It’s a “win win” deal.
You get to see and buy some amazing stuff AND donate to charity.

Some fantastical wings made of ivy vine and twigs... I loved these! If you're into fantasy and elves, these are so unique and full of imagination.

And these bracers Elizabeth made have already raised L$4500 for Relay For Life!

Bracers Created by Elizabeth Tinsley 100% Proceeds Donated to Relay For Life

Ancient Tree Cupping The Earth.

Finally, I found myself at the Memorial Gardens which had photos both real life and SL of Second Life members who had been lost to cancer or were still fighting it or had recovered from it.

Second Life Members and Cancer Victims.

This is when things fall into perspective for me and probably most people.

This is when the worries about sales, bills, competition and SL drama seem trivial, shallow and childish.

As I read some of the poems written for and about these people I cast my mind back to the conversation I had had in Skype with Elizabeth not 30 minutes previously.

I remembered my “speach” about my stresses and concerns over money and business and the economy in general.
I explained how stressful it was to try and maintain an income in a global recession and how depressing and uninspired business people were feeling in Second Life because of ABC...

....then it dawned on me, as I was banging on about my woes, Elizabeth had been working for free and had help to achieve a massive success with at times 150 people visiting the 4 sims all in aid of charity.

I felt shallow and selfish.

What good is money or success if you're dying?
What would it matter if we’re not managing SEO and “beating” the competition if I was diagnosed with cancer tomorrow?

None of it means a damn thing when you stop and realise how precious life and health is and how quickly it can be taken away from you.

Of course, these moments of clarity pass and our woes and daily stresses take their place as quickly as they came but the Memorial Gardens are good for that,  they make you stop, if only for a few minutes and reflect on what we “think” our burdens are compared to those who have died, or may die, or face the loss and tragedy of loosing someone they love to cancer.

SLurl to The Memorial Gardens

Pictures of those lost to cancer.

Here are some words found within the photo frames of the people displayed in the Memorial Gardens.

Wiccan Sojourner SL Cit 08/06/2004  - 12/ 2010

Passionate member of the RFL community , Amazing Designer / Owner of Bewitched Designs. Loving Friend to many. Truly a Legend of Second Life. 
Krista Brewer - Kaaden's Cancer Hero

I am Kaaden Carson, the Co-Captain of the Relay for Life Racers 2008 team.  This is a request to all of you to pray for this little girl.  

Krista is 11 years old as of May 2008 and a 2 time Brain Cancer Survivor since she was 4 months old. She is fighting Bone Cancer called Malignant Fibro Histiocytoma which there is NO CURE. Now she has her 3rd brain tumor.  On July 1, 2008, Krista started vomiting and was unsteady walking (after having really bad headaches). On July 2, they took her to her doctors.  There is a very aggressive tumor growing around the brain stem.  They are not recommending surgery, because of the great danger of side effects and the aggression of this tumor. The tumor is growing rapidly... 8 weeks before July 2 it was not there.  Her parents along with Krista have decided to look into options that they have been given for experimental chemotherapy.  She can't have any more radiation treatments and conventional chemo will not work on her anymore.  Either way, they are looking at months to live... probably 6 months at the most.

I was first involved in Relay for Life in 2002 when I was on Krista's team, The Brewer Bunch.  And every since then, RFL has been close to my heart.  I have had quite a few friends and family members suffer from, die from and survive cancer.  But this little girl whom I met at my church, has been and will always be my inspiration for doing everything that I can to help fight cancer.  Krista Brewer truly is my Cancer Hero.

UPDATE - Krista Brewer (May 15, 1997 - September 18, 2008) Krista became an real life angel on September 18, 2008.  Pray for her family and everyone around the world who are robbed by this horrible disease.

Daniel - October 2008
Nephew-in-law  of Random Padar, Daniel was 6 years old when he lost his battle with leukemia.

Ludinha Kamachi 5.27.10

She was my North, my South, my East and West, 
my working week, my Sunday rest,
my noon, my midnight, my talk, my song.
I thought that love would last forever; I was wrong.
--Radioactive Rosca
Leigh Zanzibar 8.9.08 -  7.18.10
From Leigh's profile 1st Life tab:

For what it's worth, this is me.
Some like me.
Some love me.
Few hate me.
I am what I am, and that's all that I ams..

If you love something set it free.
If it returns, it's yours.
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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Claim The Fame Contest Stage Area Sneak Peak.

Playing Cheryl Cole.
The Claim The Fame fashion designer contest kicked off with its first live event yesterday.

I got it into my head it was today, the 7th of April when in fact it was the 6th and so I arrived at the location to find myself alone. (typical!)

I had been sent a VIP invite for being one of the sponsors of the contest (donating free fashion textures) and thankfully my apology was accepted and I was invited to attend next week for the second of several contests.

View From Judge Seat
Anyway, being alone at the location allowed me to take a sneak peek from behind the stage whilst also playing one of the judges and even one of the models who will be wearing the contestants outfits.

Cant imagine how terrifying it must be for even a virtual model to walk out into a live audience.
I suppose unlike real life, if you mess up you can “fake a crash” or blame the LAG. :)

The stage looked very slick with colour coordinated seating and lights and when the music is blasting and the place is filled with audience members, designers, models, event organisers and
judges I bet its a blast.

Sat at one of the handful of front seat tables.
I have never really attended any contests in SL except one for The Best Of SL as a last minute stand in judge, so I can’t refuse an opportunity like this.

I normally shy away from publicity or SL social situations to be honest.
I don’t really do anything in SL that’s not work related, I guess after 7 years the shine wears thin but to see all the effort and skill from the event organisers, designers and models in a 3D real time environment is kind of exciting.

I wish I could be a judge and attend them all but what do I know about virtual fashion? Nuffin much.
View From Back Of Stadium

View - Front Stage.

View From Back Stage Walking Out.