Sunday, 6 March 2011

Yellow & White Daffodil Textures For Spring 2011

These came out beautifully (If I do say so myself!)

I am not awe struck with the Crocus models to be honest.
I know technically Crocuses are purple naturally so creating them in every colour of the rainbow perhaps was the reason I didn’t feel I had done them justice.

But these, I took the time to search for reference photos so I knew exactly the colour combinations and mixed them up.

The model comes with one pre made yellow texture map and I know some people are happy using that same one map on all models and just playing about with the lights and cameras to create a different angle for exporting, but that feels like  cheating to me.

Where my artistic input if all I do is render some-one else's model and texture map and claim they are “my work”

I had to research the legalities on this as I was convinced it wasn’t legal if it was so easy.

Rendering and exporting unedited plant models and selling them as textures reminds me of Filter Forge in a way.
FF is a nifty plugin which people create filters (templates) for and owners of the software quite literally tweak a few sliders to add some variance and slam out 100s of procedural textures and call themselves “texture artists” (Sorry, slipped into bitch mode there for a moment)

But its true!

Filter Forge(ries) are all over the net and Second Life like cheap photo copied crap being sold for pennies to naive consumers who don’t realise how little time (15 mins) and effort (none) went into making that roof tile texture they just passed their money to the “texture artist” in exchange for to then find months down the line,  they are literally all over Second Life being practically given away.

Now, I would be a hypocrite if I said we didn’t have FF textures at TRU because we do and some of those sets were made by my very own hand (tweaking sliders) but that was back in the day before many people knew what Filter Forge was so anything you created was new and unique. Not anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a cool tool if its used to enhance your own artwork but it’s uncool to generate multiple versions of someone else's work and then kick up a shit storm and claim IP rights because the exact same texture is being sold by another “texture artist”

OK, I appear to be “on one” lol ...back to the botanics.

Not content or excited by knocking out "replica renders" I wanted to put my own stamp on these beauties so they are unique to me alone and I did that in Photoshop, editing and totally recreating the texture map which is what allowed me to mix up the different yellows and whites.

They are available from within Second Life,, from the SL Marketplace, TRU Textures website and (soon!)

Priced at 450 Linden Dollars for 15 textures.

And I know I keep banging on and on but just to remind you, if you are active in more than one virtual world or grid (or think you might be in the future) I recommend people buy them from the TRU Textures website under the Any World license as that way you can use them legally in as many other platforms as you like now and in the future.

It’s a whole lot less messier than writing to texture merchants to get their permission to export out of SL into one grid and/or paying money for an external license only to find in 12 months you want to try another new grid and have to ask (and possibly pay) again!

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