Thursday, 31 March 2011

TRU Textures Website Review - Claim The Fame SL Fashion Designer Contest.

Available from
Available from

These cover images are 3 of the 10 collections I made specifically for the “Claim The Fame” SL Couture fashion designer contest which is currently being held in Second Life.

I was told I didn’t have to make all new but I wanted to for two reasons. 
a) I don’t have a great deal of quality fabric textures, it’s not an area I play in.
b) It feels cheap packing up some pre existing work that has been used already at some point by someone.

Anyway, in addition to these, I sent them some really nice furs (below) some lace, “Gothic Princess” print fabrics some suede with seam stitching and come colour coordinated fabrics which included folded, seam stitched and plain weave.
Available from

I have no idea whether I did them justice and I suspect most of the fashion designers make their own textures anyway to ensure their end product is exclusive.

But I hope perhaps some of the newer designers find some use with them if only as a form of inspiration to make their own textures based on the same theme.

My platform is, has and always will be environment textures, building materials, plants and nature elements.
But I always enjoy a push out of my comfort zone, it forces me to learn new tricks.

Anyway, I wish them the best of luck and 100K Linden Dollars is not to be sniffed at, not to mention the exposure their brand and products will get if they win.

Yesterday,  we were contacted from the TRU Textures website from a lady artist and blogger who wanted to do a review on TRU Textures and could I send her a few samples (?) ....erm, yea!

What was interesting is how she found us!

Most of our traffic comes from existing or new Second Life customers because that is where our roots lie.

So it didn’t surprise me to see a review of CG Textures, Environment Textures and their sister company 3DSK already published,  but it did surprise me that we were next in line.

Perhaps it was just a case of timing? As in, I was damn fast sending her the samples and “go ahead”
She may be still waiting for replies from other texture resource sites. (probably)

Either way, it was really flattering and nice just to be discovered.

I couldn't help but mention iSourceTextures to which she replied that it was the next on her list anyway so of course, I sent her some samples from there too.

Anyway, here it is:

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