Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hyacinth Flower Textures - TRU Textures Second Life

These haven’t been completed yet. I am going to add some more darker colors and variations on the flower shape.

I had some real problems with the pre made texture map.
No matter which light set I used, the petals were left with this almost black edge to them making them look like they had been selected from a black background... badly.

I soon realised how I could loose that and am just starting to experiment with different colours, gradients, blending modes and contrast in the map.

Here is a close up preview:
I prefer the darker colours to the bright.

I only have a very limited amount of light sets in Poser and the pre made ones I can purchase or download free won’t save. I think it’s because they have been zipped in a Windows utility and I am on a mac OS.

I will create a bigger variety of these flowers tomorrow.

I have spent 10 hours at the computer today learning DAZ and Poser editing texture maps and learning about light sets, which one worked best with these models etc.

It’s 12.42am and I started work at 8.30am, I am goosed!

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