Saturday, 5 March 2011

Crocus Flower Textures

Rendered in DAZ Studio

Just uploaded these into the inworld store in Secondlife 
10 x high resolution Crocus flower textures.

My mission is to make one new collection a day but I hope as I get used to Daz Studio and Poser I can speed the process up.

I spent over $300 on content last night to be able to create my own plant, tree and flower range which can be licensed for use in multiple grids and virtual worlds when purchased from the TRU Textures website under the Any World license.

I have learnt how to edit the texture maps for the models which allows me more flexibility to create something unique.

The colours for these for example would not be possible when using the original map.
The contrast was too dark so I toned it down in Photoshop and that allowed me to change the colours to anything I wanted from within Daz instead of the lazy route of shifting hue in Photoshop.

It’s a learning curve but one I am enjoying which is great, nothing worse than having to create something that does not inspire you.

Not sure I am 100% happy with the rich colours and I could have exported them with semi sheer petals but again, not sure that’s what people would want so it’s all trial and error.

As I am still a newbie I have set these for sale at only 350L.

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