Thursday, 10 March 2011

Business Ethics Or Lack There Of

I got an email earlier today from Falling Pixel (a website I uploaded a hand full of products to and as far as I can tell I haven’t sold much at all, I haven’t even checked for 3 months)

Anyway the email was informing me that Falling Pixel has or will be joining forces with Turbo Squid and I am kind of slack jawed at the moment.

All I thought at the time was “good idea, why compete?” I have always been a firm believer in joining forces instead of fighting over the same target market and perhaps more so in these troubled economic times. I also wished I was considered worthy enough to be asked to join with a big name website. (maybe one day lol)

Anyway, a few hours later and I get an email from the owner of The 3D Studio which is another website I uploaded to months ago and I see very little sales from.

(You could argue my stuff isn’t worth buying but it sells very well on one website and so that’s the site I spend all of my time uploading to. Plus sales on the Second Life Marketplace and TRU Textures Website are also very stable too)

Anyway, the content of this email shocked me.
The owner was spewing rancid venom about how unethical Turbo Squid was and how desperate must be for trying to “take out the competition

There is a link in the email which is visible for all to see and here it is

He’s even drawn a picture of an octopus lol and refers to Turbo Squid as “The Slimy Squid” several times whilst almost screaming how sellers should leave Turbo squid and sell from his website.

Now, I have no loyalties to either party, I don’t even sell on Turbo Squid (The whole tax postal
form filling puts me off, it takes for ever and I am already paying my tax thank you!) but I am truly shocked to see this level of unprofessionalism from some-one who I consider much higher up in the pecking order of graphic based e-commerce websites than my humble little set up.

I don’t care one way or another what either party think of one another as none of them effect my income but it does make me question The 3DStudios ethics.

No matter how pissed or angry you are, it’s totally unprofessional to bitch and gripe in public about another business.

I thought that only happened in Second Life and “because” there are a lot of unprofessional merchants in SL who have never ran a business outside the virtual walls of a 3D social platform before.

I have had one letter from the owner of The 3D Studio previously when I explained I wanted to delete all of my single textures and re upload them as sets as I believe based on my sales experience on other platforms that people right now are looking for value for money and asking people to pay $5.00 for one texture was a recipe for “not many sales”

He replied "poo pooing” the platform I had used as my example to back my claim stating:

"Hobbyist may be looking for a bargain on XXX website but our customers are professional businesses and are prepared to pay $8 - $15 for one quality image

That may be true but the fact still remains that I sell more in sets than I ever have as singles in Second Life or on the internet and professional or not, every person and company right now are price sensitive so I am not buying that theory.

I haven’t been back to upload my catalog to The 3D Studio.

Perhaps my target market are hobbyists but I will go where the money is and where ugly public mud slinging matches are considered inappropriate, as they should be.

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