Friday, 4 March 2011

14 x Palm Tree Textures With Matching Shadows

With the sad departure of our biggest plant and flora merchant, I have been left with quite a large void to fill and so without further delay, here is the first of 150 planned collections of 3D rendered plants, vines, flowers and trees.

Created With Realism In Mind
The first collection of Palm Trees was created because I believe Palm Trees are a firm favorite for Second Life landscapes and as it’s a real PITA to make them from photos (plus we don’t have many Palm trees in the UK) I have rendered them in 3D software.

3DMax and Poser are my weapons of choice, Poser in particular due to the ease of use.

They are available from our in world store in Second Life, the Second Life Marketplace  for 450 Linden Dollars
And and iSourceTextures to follow very soon.

All of my textures can be purchased under the “Any World” license for use in multiple grids and virtual worlds from the TRU website.

So please watch this space for new botanical texture releases every day for the next 4 - 6 weeks.

Like many negative things that hit us in life, they some-times push us out of our comfort zones and in hindsight, I am glad I am now working in 3D software “for real”

I hope in time to create truly unique pieces from plants to furniture.


  1. your rendered palms look pretty cool! here are some actual palm tree textures that I use
    they look really good to me. plz keep posting your cool links and imagery, thx!

  2. Yes they are very pretty... but in my defence (lol) $49.99 compared to $2.50 gets what you pay for :P