Thursday, 31 March 2011

TRU Textures Website Review - Claim The Fame SL Fashion Designer Contest.

Available from
Available from

These cover images are 3 of the 10 collections I made specifically for the “Claim The Fame” SL Couture fashion designer contest which is currently being held in Second Life.

I was told I didn’t have to make all new but I wanted to for two reasons. 
a) I don’t have a great deal of quality fabric textures, it’s not an area I play in.
b) It feels cheap packing up some pre existing work that has been used already at some point by someone.

Anyway, in addition to these, I sent them some really nice furs (below) some lace, “Gothic Princess” print fabrics some suede with seam stitching and come colour coordinated fabrics which included folded, seam stitched and plain weave.
Available from

I have no idea whether I did them justice and I suspect most of the fashion designers make their own textures anyway to ensure their end product is exclusive.

But I hope perhaps some of the newer designers find some use with them if only as a form of inspiration to make their own textures based on the same theme.

My platform is, has and always will be environment textures, building materials, plants and nature elements.
But I always enjoy a push out of my comfort zone, it forces me to learn new tricks.

Anyway, I wish them the best of luck and 100K Linden Dollars is not to be sniffed at, not to mention the exposure their brand and products will get if they win.

Yesterday,  we were contacted from the TRU Textures website from a lady artist and blogger who wanted to do a review on TRU Textures and could I send her a few samples (?) ....erm, yea!

What was interesting is how she found us!

Most of our traffic comes from existing or new Second Life customers because that is where our roots lie.

So it didn’t surprise me to see a review of CG Textures, Environment Textures and their sister company 3DSK already published,  but it did surprise me that we were next in line.

Perhaps it was just a case of timing? As in, I was damn fast sending her the samples and “go ahead”
She may be still waiting for replies from other texture resource sites. (probably)

Either way, it was really flattering and nice just to be discovered.

I couldn't help but mention iSourceTextures to which she replied that it was the next on her list anyway so of course, I sent her some samples from there too.

Anyway, here it is:

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Texture Portfolio - By Elizabeth Gallagher - TRU Textures Ltd

Spring Flowering Texture Collection

30 x 2048 Pixel Size Textures 

The render time on these 2048 x 2048 sized textures is 20 minutes!

I’ve been working from 9am to 11.30 pm on them.

Its tedious having to wait for the ray tracer render but its important to crank the settings up to get as good quality as you can.

Anyway, they're in the SL store and I will be adding and uploading them to all of the other platforms tomorrow :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Bored - Second Life Photography Art

Click To See Large Size

Bored waiting for a 30 minute render in Poser.

I have admired the work of SL photographers for a long time. There is an artistic requirement for sure.

This was a really quick in world snapshot taken on a freebie photo studio with the freebie avatar poses with some post work in Photoshop.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sweat Pea Climbing Plant Textures by TRU Textures Ltd

I have just finished rendering 10 x Sweet Pea plant textures in yellow, white, light and dark pink, red, purple and blue/purple.

I will be uploading them for sale later today.

I will come back and edit this post with the URL links to where they can be purchased.

In the mean time take a look at other plant textures available from our main TRU Textures website.

Second Life Marketplace   (600 Linden Dollars)

TRU Textures In World Store 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

TRU Textures Ltd Ivy Vine Textures New Release!

Available Sizes 2048 and 1024 Pixels

25 x Ivy Vine Textures on transparent PNG backgrounds
2048 x 2048 Pixels - $19.99
Licensed for commercial use.   - Links Below:

I love Ivy.
It’s one of the more popular plant textures people like to use and up until recently I had been using some vine textures I bought for $35.00 from over 3 years ago.

This is the first release of a whole line of ivy and vine textures I am intending to release over the next few weeks.

These will also be available for Second Life use priced L$900 for SL license use and slighltly higher price under the "Any World" license which ensures you are licensed to use them in virtual worlds and grids not connected to Second Life.
You can purchase them from the TRU Textures Ltd website for SL and virtual world use (Inc IMVU, Blue Mars, etc)

Available for standard personal and commercial design use which is not associated with virtual worlds from

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Success! Ivy Vine Textures Created in 3D Software

These I will put for sale! 
Yay! Sussed it.

These are perfectly good enough for commercial release and I love the creeping branches.

Like anything, it really is always just a matter of patience and practise.

Ivy Vine Textures Rendered in 3D - Progress

Starting to take a realistic form now

Updated from the previous post, this was the very next rendered batch.

It’s still not perfect but it’s better.

I will create some new leaf textures and see how they look. These look too green, artificial looking.

Ivy Vine Textures Rendered in 3D

Very Early Drafts Vine Model
So, since the departure of our main botanical teture merchant I have had to move out of my 2D comfort zone and poke my head into 3D space for the first time.

Like our ex merchant, I had been buying props made by 3D artists. But I reverse engineered them by opening up the texture maps in Photoshop and either editing or totally recreating them.

I still have several collections available to download after spending a small fortune on the resources but its kinda boring just rendering for the purpose of stock replacement.

Call me an egomaniac (And I’d agree) but I don’t feel much of my own artistic input when just doing that.

Sure, I can recognise them from other peoples versions of the same props because the texture maps applied are mine.
But still, the actual props are all the same, “Replica Renders” as I like to call them.

It’s akin to rendering some textures created with a Photoshop plug in. Easily recognised at a glance and I don’t like that.

You basically load the pre made prop, piss about with the light sets and if that’s all you're interested in you can (and people often do) literally export the scene as a PNG texture.

Although I am far from being a proficient 3D artist yet I am taking baby steps towards that end and here are my first renders of some vine plants that I rendered from scratch.

The mesh was rendered in a plant and tree 3D application and then loaded into Poser as an obj. file for me to apply the texture maps to from the material editor.

I “grew” and made the leafs for them. They are seamless but they aint perfect. Far from it.

I don’t feel they are photo realistic yet and I think thats down to the light sets I am limited to in Poser.

All I have are the default lights and they cater more to character posing,  creating harsh and dramatic lighting with dark shadows.

There are free light sets created by users of Daz and Poser but for some reason, probably because I am on a mac OS, the downloads don’t work for me which is so frustrating.

I wont be releasing these for sale yet as I do not feel they are as good as they can be.
But perhaps in a week or so, when I have really got my head around making the meshes and applying different leaf and stem texture maps to them,  I can finally release my very own, "one of a kind" plant textures.

Who knows? Perhaps also release the props and models too.

I have ALWAYS been the type to wants to skip the user manual and just get stuck in and learn by pushing buttons. I usually end up ahead of myself and frustrated but despite the obvious “amature” look of these first attempts I really felt like I was able to start making sense of how things worked in 3D space.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Seamless Animal Fur Textures - TRU Textures Ltd

Rabbit Wolf Hare Fox Bear Fur

Available for purchase from
the Second Life Marketplace (licensed for only)

Also available from   and soon to be available from the TRU Textures website under the
Any World license allowing you to use them in any and as many virtual worlds and grids as you like both now and in the future.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Palm Plant & Shadow Textures - TRU Textures Ltd

Custom Made Texture Maps
Rendered in 3D Software. 

Continuing with the theme of plant textures, I have recently uploaded 26 x high resolution (1024 x 1024 pixels) Palm plant textures each with their own matching shadow.

Rendered in 3D software and created with custom made texture maps made in Photoshop CS4.

Very high quality so perfect for botanical merchants or for personal shop, home or garden landscaping.

Separated into two collections from Second Life and each set is priced L$650 and L$500 respectively.

They are also available on the Second Life Marketplace as a complete collection priced at L$1,200

Sample Over Black Background

They will also be soon available from the TRU Textures website under the Any World License for those of you who are active in more than one grid or virtual world.

Buying textures under this license is more convenient and cost effective.

The textures are sent to your email address via a download link which allows you to save your purchased textures direct to your own PC and upload them to any and as many grids as you like both now and in the future.

They will also be available from in the next week or so.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

I LOVE this track.
Shame it’s featured on that piece of crap “teen drama” movie Twighlight Saga....Saga being the operative word. 

I liked Muse right back in 2003 and they were all young and edgy.
My then boyfriend took some time to warm to them but I think he did in the end. (egomaniac would never admit he liked something “I” introduced to him...ass)

Yep, that’s it.

I am busy in DAZ making some kick ass Palm plants creating new leafs (Thats how we spell it in the UK... I never did get how “leafs” is spelt “leaves” in the USA.. erm...cough...  “She leaves the room"

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Business Ethics Or Lack There Of

I got an email earlier today from Falling Pixel (a website I uploaded a hand full of products to and as far as I can tell I haven’t sold much at all, I haven’t even checked for 3 months)

Anyway the email was informing me that Falling Pixel has or will be joining forces with Turbo Squid and I am kind of slack jawed at the moment.

All I thought at the time was “good idea, why compete?” I have always been a firm believer in joining forces instead of fighting over the same target market and perhaps more so in these troubled economic times. I also wished I was considered worthy enough to be asked to join with a big name website. (maybe one day lol)

Anyway, a few hours later and I get an email from the owner of The 3D Studio which is another website I uploaded to months ago and I see very little sales from.

(You could argue my stuff isn’t worth buying but it sells very well on one website and so that’s the site I spend all of my time uploading to. Plus sales on the Second Life Marketplace and TRU Textures Website are also very stable too)

Anyway, the content of this email shocked me.
The owner was spewing rancid venom about how unethical Turbo Squid was and how desperate must be for trying to “take out the competition

There is a link in the email which is visible for all to see and here it is

He’s even drawn a picture of an octopus lol and refers to Turbo Squid as “The Slimy Squid” several times whilst almost screaming how sellers should leave Turbo squid and sell from his website.

Now, I have no loyalties to either party, I don’t even sell on Turbo Squid (The whole tax postal
form filling puts me off, it takes for ever and I am already paying my tax thank you!) but I am truly shocked to see this level of unprofessionalism from some-one who I consider much higher up in the pecking order of graphic based e-commerce websites than my humble little set up.

I don’t care one way or another what either party think of one another as none of them effect my income but it does make me question The 3DStudios ethics.

No matter how pissed or angry you are, it’s totally unprofessional to bitch and gripe in public about another business.

I thought that only happened in Second Life and “because” there are a lot of unprofessional merchants in SL who have never ran a business outside the virtual walls of a 3D social platform before.

I have had one letter from the owner of The 3D Studio previously when I explained I wanted to delete all of my single textures and re upload them as sets as I believe based on my sales experience on other platforms that people right now are looking for value for money and asking people to pay $5.00 for one texture was a recipe for “not many sales”

He replied "poo pooing” the platform I had used as my example to back my claim stating:

"Hobbyist may be looking for a bargain on XXX website but our customers are professional businesses and are prepared to pay $8 - $15 for one quality image

That may be true but the fact still remains that I sell more in sets than I ever have as singles in Second Life or on the internet and professional or not, every person and company right now are price sensitive so I am not buying that theory.

I haven’t been back to upload my catalog to The 3D Studio.

Perhaps my target market are hobbyists but I will go where the money is and where ugly public mud slinging matches are considered inappropriate, as they should be.

Never Let Me Go

Sat here blowing snot bubbles with puffy red eyes after watching Never Let Me Go

I waited till my other half went to bed before I allowed hot wet tears to spill and sat rigid through the movie claiming "it wasn't that sad!" (It was!)

I HATE movies like that, he said it was a sci-fi!

I don't know why I am too proud to cry in front of people. I feel silly but rather that way than stone cold and empty with no empathy or compassion.

Anyway, it's a superb movie which will anger and upset you but more importantly it's thought provoking about how precious and yet fleeting life is and how we take it all for granted.

The Sims Medieval - What Ever Happened to The Sims Online? (TSO)

Release Date March 2011

I have just pre ordered The Sims Medieval 

I have played all of The Sims games (and expansion packs) from the first PC game released over 10 years ago to The Sims Online (TSO) launched in 2003 which was revolutionary at the time as the first online 2D social platform.
For me and many others this was the first experience I had of meeting and talking to “real” people from all over the world.

It was by far one of the most exciting times in my life and it’s also where I first met my now RL partner.

The concept of TSO was the same as The Sims PC game.
You had your sim (avatar) and your avatar had needs like food, toilet, sleep social and recreational time but in order to earn more income or get extra animations and virtual trophies like clothes and pets, you had to skill your sim up in Logic (Chess) Charisma (Mirror and social) Physical (exercise) Creative (music and art) Cooking and so on.

The difference between TSO and the PC game was in TSO your “house” could be chosen from one of several categories.
I can’t recall them all but a “Welcome House” would be a house that welcomed noobs and helped new players to learn the game.
Skill houses would offer the tools to allow players to “skill up” on one of several of the skill sets such as Cooking.
A cooking skill house would have Pizza making facilities and the more people who were making pizzas in any house, the faster you all skilled up.
Additionally, if you didn’t burn the pizza you sold it and made simoleans (game currency)

A Romance house would have hot tubs and double beds (LOL how naff?) and a whole bunch of things going on that others could see or hear.

Each category of house was placed on a top 100 list based on how many people visited and how long they stuck around. The more successful you were as a host the longer people stayed and the higher up the top 100 list your house would be displayed and I guess that was the real objective to TSO.

I had a Welcome house called "Newbies R Us”  (Guess I like the “R Us” thing) which was number one for a few months but then I had all day to be logged in welcoming new players and “chatting”

It all sounds really lame now but lame or not, TSO spawned all the online social 3D platforms that followed including Second Life.

TSO was closed after 3 or 4 years largely because EA Games didn’t add new content to it to keep the game fresh and people got bored.
Technology moves fast, graphics in other games like was more appealing allowing the players to roam (fly run drive) in open unlimited space unlike TSO were you were limited to the walls of each house you visited.

Graphics have moved on since 2001 and EA Games are still releasing bigger and better versions of The Sims but sadly not for online use, which in my opinion is a massive opportunity obviously missed.

If they re released TSO but with the graphics we have all come to expect by todays standards, I think it would be a huge hit.

The online 3D social platform genre is far from dead in fact it continues to grow with new releases and variations including Home (Sony) IMVU, Second Life, Blue Mars and Entropia, which has more of a traditional role play objective like WOW but with a strong lean towards user created content, economics and socialising.

People were (and still do) creating game content for the PC versions of The Sims for free download from numerous third party websites.
Some sites did try and capitalise on this demand by charging a registration fee to allow downloads but by and large, people created The Sims content for fun or a hobby.
So even back then it was clear there was a strong interest in creating content other users could access and use.

If EA Games took control of that desire by creating an official marketplace and pre approving uploaded content before releasing onto the market (like IMVU does) again, I think the rebirth of TSO would be a sure success.

EA Games don’t appear to be interested in entertaining the idea of bringing TSO back but imagine if someone else did?
Imagine the graphics we see in The Sims PC and console games today applied to an online open world were avatars could create and sell content to other users, build their homes, dress their avatars, buy a dog etc BUT with the added game play objective of the original Sims.
That would be so cool.

The biggest problem Second Life has is there’s nothing to do.
People log on for the first time and often say “So, what do I do here?
Because perhaps, quite rightly they expect to be presented with some game objective, a goal, a reason to “be there"

Idle hands make devils work and all of that,  people often resort to griefing (either in world or on the forums) or trying to make money which is “the” most common game objective in all types and platform games.
But with no “game play” way to do this, with no rule book or game guide, it gets ugly and personal.

It’s just a game if you steal some-one elses ideas or worse, actual designs and under cut their prices and make a ton of money.

But it’s just a game!” is by far the most common misunderstood justification noobs give when caught stealing or griefing and I think one of the reasons people resort to this in SL is because they dont “get it”
It looks like a game, but what do I do?

A lot of people want or even need a set of goals and pre determined objectives written in a User Manual or official Game Guide when they launch into a new “game”
Without a clear set of goals and objectives and left to their own imagination, bad things tend to happen.

This is where TSO would come in as a serious contender to every social platform on the net by offering all of the same features SL has but with the ability to opt in or out of the "game play”route.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Second Life Marketplace - TRU Textures Ltd - Botanical Texture Collection

Ferns Grass Bull Rushes & Flower Textures

Second Life Marketplace - TRU Textures Ltd - Botanical Texture Collection

Second Life Marketplace - TRU Textures Ltd - 10 x Hyacinth Flower Textures Volume Two

So, I found the place to add bump maps in Poser.
I don’t think bump maps are really essential for plants but I added a gentle one on the leafs anyway.

I am done with Hyacinths now....moving on to Cherry Trees or Tulips, dunno, I have so many to play with at the moment and each time I open Poser up I learn a better way to render. Lots of fun and very rewarding and they are already selling which is of course, kind of the point.

In particular, I want them available for Any World license from the website. My goal is to replace the stock lost when a merchant left us and to make them better than the merchants, because I have a short fuse, thin skin and my ego is the size of a small planet. :P

Second Life Marketplace - TRU Textures Ltd - 10 x Hyacinth Flower Textures Volume Two

Custom Made Diffuse & Bump Maps 

Custom Made Diffuse and Bump Maps

Custom Made Diffuse & Bump Maps

Monday, 7 March 2011

Hyacinth Flower Textures - Final Draft - Volume One

Created with custom made texture maps.

So, after a full day of experimenting making different texture maps, I have released the first volume of Hyacinth flower textures.

I have deleted the earlier versions, I wasn’t happy with them at all.

It takes some time to get the textures to work, a lot of editing and rendering then editing some more often ending up with 12 variations of the same map.
But once you know where the different parts of the texture go where on the model it’s just a matter of changing the colours.

There are 12 textures in this first collection, all the same render.
I will be releasing another two volumes soon.

They are sized 1024 x 1024 pixels, saved as PNG file format and available for 350 Linden Dollars from the Second Life Marketplace, the in world TRU Texture store  and in a week or so from the TRU Textures website

The Benefit Of Creating Your Own Texture Maps

Notice the disorganised layers? 
I wasn’t really feeling the Hyacinths textures I recently worked on (see the previous post)

They looked artificial and too bright so I started playing with the texture map today and ended up totally reworking it adding new petal textures, highlights and shading to the leafs, petals and stems.

The second example below is rendered using my own custom maps and the first sample is the default map that comes with the prop. It had faint black lines on the edge of the petals that no amount of light tweaking would remove so I created my own maps.

I am not saying the artist who made the props is rubbish!
I can only imagine at this stage how hard it is to make plant models in Xfrog but it does pay to enhance what you are working with sometimes.

I am sure many people have taken my textures and made something much better for their purpose and that’s great, that’s what theyr’re there for. So essentially, that’s what I have done too.

Here are the before and afters:



I think when I start to feel limited in how far I can work with pre made models, I will try Xfrog 30 day trial.

I am really enjoying the challenge of working in 3D if only on a very basic level.
I am learning how texture maps work as I edit and load them direct onto the prop and see how each change in Photoshop effects the final outcome in 3D.

Of course, in 3D apps, the lights play a crucial role and as I mentioned in my last post, I am finding it hard to obtain natural day light sets for plants.
Most of the default lights were created for studio scenes and human/animal models and as a result the shadows are too harsh.

It’s ironic really, because I have been clinging to Photoshop and 2D my comfort zone, for way too long so when I am forced to replace stock made by an ex merchant, I find that the experience gained in Photoshop can also be applied to 3D art too. Plus I am enjoying it a whole lot more than I was dreading it.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hyacinth Flower Textures - TRU Textures Second Life

These haven’t been completed yet. I am going to add some more darker colors and variations on the flower shape.

I had some real problems with the pre made texture map.
No matter which light set I used, the petals were left with this almost black edge to them making them look like they had been selected from a black background... badly.

I soon realised how I could loose that and am just starting to experiment with different colours, gradients, blending modes and contrast in the map.

Here is a close up preview:
I prefer the darker colours to the bright.

I only have a very limited amount of light sets in Poser and the pre made ones I can purchase or download free won’t save. I think it’s because they have been zipped in a Windows utility and I am on a mac OS.

I will create a bigger variety of these flowers tomorrow.

I have spent 10 hours at the computer today learning DAZ and Poser editing texture maps and learning about light sets, which one worked best with these models etc.

It’s 12.42am and I started work at 8.30am, I am goosed!

Yellow & White Daffodil Textures For Spring 2011

These came out beautifully (If I do say so myself!)

I am not awe struck with the Crocus models to be honest.
I know technically Crocuses are purple naturally so creating them in every colour of the rainbow perhaps was the reason I didn’t feel I had done them justice.

But these, I took the time to search for reference photos so I knew exactly the colour combinations and mixed them up.

The model comes with one pre made yellow texture map and I know some people are happy using that same one map on all models and just playing about with the lights and cameras to create a different angle for exporting, but that feels like  cheating to me.

Where my artistic input if all I do is render some-one else's model and texture map and claim they are “my work”

I had to research the legalities on this as I was convinced it wasn’t legal if it was so easy.

Rendering and exporting unedited plant models and selling them as textures reminds me of Filter Forge in a way.
FF is a nifty plugin which people create filters (templates) for and owners of the software quite literally tweak a few sliders to add some variance and slam out 100s of procedural textures and call themselves “texture artists” (Sorry, slipped into bitch mode there for a moment)

But its true!

Filter Forge(ries) are all over the net and Second Life like cheap photo copied crap being sold for pennies to naive consumers who don’t realise how little time (15 mins) and effort (none) went into making that roof tile texture they just passed their money to the “texture artist” in exchange for to then find months down the line,  they are literally all over Second Life being practically given away.

Now, I would be a hypocrite if I said we didn’t have FF textures at TRU because we do and some of those sets were made by my very own hand (tweaking sliders) but that was back in the day before many people knew what Filter Forge was so anything you created was new and unique. Not anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a cool tool if its used to enhance your own artwork but it’s uncool to generate multiple versions of someone else's work and then kick up a shit storm and claim IP rights because the exact same texture is being sold by another “texture artist”

OK, I appear to be “on one” lol ...back to the botanics.

Not content or excited by knocking out "replica renders" I wanted to put my own stamp on these beauties so they are unique to me alone and I did that in Photoshop, editing and totally recreating the texture map which is what allowed me to mix up the different yellows and whites.

They are available from within Second Life,, from the SL Marketplace, TRU Textures website and (soon!)

Priced at 450 Linden Dollars for 15 textures.

And I know I keep banging on and on but just to remind you, if you are active in more than one virtual world or grid (or think you might be in the future) I recommend people buy them from the TRU Textures website under the Any World license as that way you can use them legally in as many other platforms as you like now and in the future.

It’s a whole lot less messier than writing to texture merchants to get their permission to export out of SL into one grid and/or paying money for an external license only to find in 12 months you want to try another new grid and have to ask (and possibly pay) again!

More Crocus Flower Textures

Continuing with the 3D botanics I am learning when it comes to flowers the Gradient tool is your best friend.

My first attempts of these flowers resulted in a more solid almost artificial look because the colour was not graduated like a real flower would be.

The colour should gradually fade into hues of greens the further down the stem ideally. So with some editing of the map in Photoshop I had another play and created these.

I think they are much more realistic plus the petals at the back are ever so slightly transparent too again, as a real flower petals would be.

They can be found in TRU Textures within Second Life for L$350 for 13 textures on transparent backgrounds. Sized 1024 x 1024 pixels.

They will also be available from the SL Marketplace, TRU Textures website, and in due course.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Seamless Flower & Grass Textures

10 Seamless Grass Line Textures

Not sure there is a demand for these, they're not exactly ground breaking but my other meadow sets are popular and as I am practising DAZ if I happen to make something I think would be usable I will offer them at low prices until I am creating to as good a level as possible.

Haven’t uploaded them yet but when I do they will be available for 300L for SL

Crocus Flower Textures

Rendered in DAZ Studio

Just uploaded these into the inworld store in Secondlife 
10 x high resolution Crocus flower textures.

My mission is to make one new collection a day but I hope as I get used to Daz Studio and Poser I can speed the process up.

I spent over $300 on content last night to be able to create my own plant, tree and flower range which can be licensed for use in multiple grids and virtual worlds when purchased from the TRU Textures website under the Any World license.

I have learnt how to edit the texture maps for the models which allows me more flexibility to create something unique.

The colours for these for example would not be possible when using the original map.
The contrast was too dark so I toned it down in Photoshop and that allowed me to change the colours to anything I wanted from within Daz instead of the lazy route of shifting hue in Photoshop.

It’s a learning curve but one I am enjoying which is great, nothing worse than having to create something that does not inspire you.

Not sure I am 100% happy with the rich colours and I could have exported them with semi sheer petals but again, not sure that’s what people would want so it’s all trial and error.

As I am still a newbie I have set these for sale at only 350L.

Friday, 4 March 2011

14 x Palm Tree Textures With Matching Shadows

With the sad departure of our biggest plant and flora merchant, I have been left with quite a large void to fill and so without further delay, here is the first of 150 planned collections of 3D rendered plants, vines, flowers and trees.

Created With Realism In Mind
The first collection of Palm Trees was created because I believe Palm Trees are a firm favorite for Second Life landscapes and as it’s a real PITA to make them from photos (plus we don’t have many Palm trees in the UK) I have rendered them in 3D software.

3DMax and Poser are my weapons of choice, Poser in particular due to the ease of use.

They are available from our in world store in Second Life, the Second Life Marketplace  for 450 Linden Dollars
And and iSourceTextures to follow very soon.

All of my textures can be purchased under the “Any World” license for use in multiple grids and virtual worlds from the TRU website.

So please watch this space for new botanical texture releases every day for the next 4 - 6 weeks.

Like many negative things that hit us in life, they some-times push us out of our comfort zones and in hindsight, I am glad I am now working in 3D software “for real”

I hope in time to create truly unique pieces from plants to furniture.