Thursday, 3 February 2011

Auto FX Dreamsuite for Mac - Crashing Errors - Rosetta

Instant Crash upon launching DreamSuite
 16th July 2011 Update.

I was emailed 10 days ago from Chris at Auto FX Software company r who apologized sincerely and explained they had taken on new management and that he would take care of my issues directly and personally.

It turns out after his first and only required reply that the reason my Auto FX Dreamsuite (for Mac)  was not working on my iMac was because the the Operating Sytem.

Snow Leopard causes a conflict between every 32 bit versus 64 bit program you try to run and will generate a crash and error.
He went on to explain that Apple had created a program that ran in the background called Rosetta and once I installed that, it would ensure no further crashes caused by 32bit/64 bit conflicts with any software.
It was not specific to Auto FX Dreamsuite but to any program that was built to work on PowerPC-based applications.

I tried to find the Rosetta download off the Apple official website and whilst they did discuss Rosetta there didn't appear to be a download for it.

So I tried looking on the OS disc that came with my iMac and after a bit of frustration and a lot of Google and forum research, I discovered it can be found on the disc and in the folder called "Optional Applications"

You need to load the disc, and click the disc icon from your desktop then select "Get Info"
Navigate to the Optional Applications folder were you can then tick the box next to the Rosetta program and it will install it for you.

There are occasions when your Mac will prompt you to install Rosetta if you try and run PowerPC-based applications.

The good news is my Mac based Auto FX Dreamsuite runs perfectly now. It has not crashed once since.

And whilst my initial year long issue with Auto FX was frustrating,  all it took was one clearly explained reply from Chris which fixed everything and I cannot praise them enough now.

So I take back my anger driven suggestions that they were selling "broken software" and ignoring customer complaints, it seems that was a case of bad management which has clearly been addressed.

Here are some links about Rosetta 

I purchased Auto FXs Dreamsuite Plugin Series one and two for Photoshop CS3 on my windows OS two years ago and it worked fine.

Each series costs around $150 so I spent $300 when I purchased both. Not an inexpensive piece of software by anyones standards.

At the time, Auto FX did not support Mac so when I bought my iMac computer,  I resigned myself to the fact that was one piece of software I wouldn’t be using again.

Quite by chance, I happened to discover they had realesed a mac supported version and of course, I was delighted and wrote to them immediately.

They kindly offered me an exchange, deactivating the windows version and providing a download for the new mac version.

That was over a year ago.

In the last 12 months the plugin for Photoshop CS4 on my iMac has worked intermittently at best. Because its not a tool I depend a lot on, it wasn’t a big enough issue to worry too much about it.

Around 9 weeks ago, I was working on a project that needed a touch of gold and went straight to Auto FX Dreamsuite - Liquid Gold.

Whilst the plugin loaded, each time I tried to save my work, it crashed.

I wrote to Auto FX technical support explaining my issues and included the crash report automatically generated by my computer. I got no reply.

I found some gold layer styles that did the job OK so again, I wasn’t too worried, but I did think it was poor form to not even reply to my letter.

Fast forward 4 weeks and I wrote again explaining this was my second attempt at trying to contact them for support over the product I purchased and which did not work.
Again, I copied & pasted the crash report and again, no one replied.

Nine days ago, I wrote for the final time but this time I directed my letter to Customer care.

This time I was angry as I explained my first two letters to their technical support team had been ignored and at this point as no one was offering me any support and I was $300 out of pocket with a product that simply refuses to load, I wanted the plugin deactivated and a full refund.
Guess what? No reply.

My belief is their mac version was released whilst still in beta and I doubt I am the only person who has wrote in with crash reports. Perhaps in these troubled economic times, they have simply decided to keep the cash and ignore the complaints.

So, if you run a mac computer and find yourself hypnotised by the slick marketing images on Auto FX website, learn by my mistake and don’t throw your money in the pockets of this company.

I wrote to the Manager from Auto FX website and sent him/her a link to this post to spare me the time of repeating everything I have written 3 times before.
That was 3 days ago and no one has replied.
As usual, I get the automated email confirmation that my letter has been sent and someone will reply in 24 hours, but other than that, nothing.

This company is either simply ignoring the fact their plugin doesn’t work for MAC OS or are ignoring anyone who contacts them with no intention of spending money. 
Maybe I will try to pose as a potential buyer of their plugin for MAC and see how fast they respond to me then.


  1. I have had the same issue and have had some reponse. They sent me a link to download again, but it still crashes if I try to use it either through photoshop or standalone. I have bought this full set, but have never been able to use it. I used it once briefly but couldn't customise the finish as if I used any of the options it crashed. I have asked for a solution or my money back. If it doesn't work on a mac they should admit it so we can get Alien Skin instead. I will keep you posted on how I go.

  2. They wrote to me (the manager) claiming they did not get any of my emails except the one he was responding to.
    He gave me additional email addresses to write to so I started the process again and got as far as sending them the crash report (for the 3rd time) and then all communication ceased again.

    I wrote again, sent them the last email with the crash report and explained I had not heard back from them and still no reply.

    And this is with the new email addresses I was supplied with so what’s their excuse now?

    Like you I paid for the whole package at $399 and thats no small amount of money.

    I used to have the Windows OS version and that was fine.

    Its the Dreamsuite series for MAC that is borked and they should refund people who have bought it, take it off their website until it has been fixed and offer those like you and me who were given the run around a discount for being lead a merry dance for in my case 12 months.

    Its absolutely disgusting business ethics and one you don’t expect from a long standing company like Auto FX