Sunday, 27 February 2011

Urban Decay 2011 Game Textures - First Collection Now Available

45 Seamless Game Textures 1024 x 1024 Pixels

I’ll come back and add the links for purchasing as soon as I have uploaded them (Groan, that’s 2 hours of my life I’ll not get back)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Urban Decay 2011 Game Textures - Work in progress

Every year I make a new “Urban Decay” game texture set and hope that with each year that passes the sets get better.

Here are a few samples of how far I have got so far. (Drafts only)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

TRU Textures Ltd in

Store and textures created by Linus Humphreys

How blessed am I to have Linus Humphreys build the TRU store in
He always creates a mixed feeling of spiteful envy and admiration within me lol

What Linus is good at is shading.
Hands down, he just knows how to add depth and realism to a build and as I have told him on numerous occasions, the TRU store in AVN is by far the best I have ever had in my 6 years of trading.

It’s the first time in my 7 years of being in virtual worlds that I had an opportunity to be creative with the build because we’re not limited to the tight restrictions of having 6000 vendors to squeeze into one sim.

That said, I have already begged and pleaded for him to replicate the textures and ambiance of this store in our Second Life store.

Of course, we won’t have as much terrain and free space that we have in AVN but the textures inside and out applied to a new build in SL would at long last make the TRU store “look” like a texture store.
By that I mean, it will represent what we’re all about, textures.

We haven’t really began to fill the walls yet because whilst I own Second Inventory, it doesn’t run on a Mac OS so I am forced to log into SL select the textures I want to offer in AVN, download them one by one, then upload them one by one into the AVN store and needless to say, it’s painfully slow.
Sat outside the TRU Store in Avination

As for sales, well, they are not coming in thick and fast yet, but then I never expected that in the first place.

Relatively speaking, Avination is still in it’s beta days compared to Second Life,  but I can say without doubt, it is far more advanced than Legend City Online ever was and the amount of people and business coming over is huge.

With sims costing just $60.00 a month (with no upfront set up fees)  and the 15,000 prims you get with a full island compared to Second Life which gives you half of that (with a Homestead sim) it’s a no brainer for those who can’t afford the $280 a month Second Life would set you back. (Not including the set up fee for an island which for me, back in the day was $1200 has most of the features SL has but at a fraction of the cost. So, if owing your own piece of virtual paradise where you can build and be creative is your thing, then I can highly recommend it.

If you're a business, the good news is “profit” and “purchase” are not dirty words at 

Freebies are not tripping you up when you log in and I hope that remains because I for one am sick and tired of the freeloader culture SL has developed were you are labled  “greedy and evil” by people if you expect a financial return for your work, time, skill and expense of creating content and running a business.

Who is greedier? 
Those who require a financial return in exchange for their work or those who expect that everything should be made freely available? (or as good as)

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it’s full of people throwing C$ at merchants. Well, a hand full of merchants are doing well but then everyone has an avatar and by default they are always butt ugly at first so that’s always the first priority, get your avatar looking “human”
Skins, hair, clothes, animations, eyes, shapes are all things people want before they even think about land.
So fashion and avatar related stores are taking full advantage of that gap especially as very little fashion related content in SL is sold full permissions so people just “expect” to have to start over when it comes to a new avatar.

I was in one of the avatar type stores when I was new and I was guided around from skins to hair and AOs even eyes (I have my own eye textures but, in the spirit of supporting fellow AVN stores I bought some) and eventually a shape was suggested.
I stopped spending at that point.
Hell, I’ve been in SL 7 years! I am sure I can knock together an avatar in 15 minutes lol so I did, right there in the store!
I felt a little guilty but I think 2K is enough in one shopping trip in one store! :)

But textures, well, that’s a tricky thing people will often do anything they can to avoid buying textures if they can export them over freely despite it being against our User License.
I dare say, if all SL content was sold full perms almost everything in SL would be scattered all over the virtual metaverse.

Plus, there is still the die hard mentality of many ex SLers and new comers who expect land should be free and the first question they ask is “Where’s all the freebies?!” 

I don’t think for me at least, AVN will replace SL in terms of amount of sales,  as SL has thousands of more residents than any other SL type grid.

But I do think is giving SL a run for it’s money and they do take copyright issues very seriously explaining fully on their website how the permission system in SL does not grant the end user the legal right to export and import another persons content.

I have always been a firm believer that you have to spend money to make it and nothing annoys me more than people who gloat how much money they used to make in SL before "ABC happened” then adding: “And I didn’t have to spend a penny!”

Great. That’s exactly what any thriving economy needs, loads of people who "cash out" but woudn’t dream of putting some back into the pockets of fellow residents and companies or Linden Labs bank account. 

If it wasn’t for the consumers who buy currency to spend in merchants stores SL would cease to exist. It’s not rocket science.

Island View has most of anything you need to set up and look and feel as comfortable as you would in SL.

Crashes are almost none existent. There’s a few bugs and glitches like I can’t TP anwhere without taking all my attachments off, logging out and then back in, then I can TP (bald and attachment-less) and put them all back on and have no further issues for the rest of the day.

But I think that’s just my particular bug,  I haven’t heard much complaining at all over log ins or TP issues and compared to Legend City Online, is light years ahead.

I am enjoying the challenge of “starting over” and so far about 50% of store visitors have not heard of TRU in SL which was an eye opener for me.
Then again, we have been “hidden” on page 25 of All Search for 2+ years up until recently so we have months or years of catching up to do.

You can visit the TRU store in by clicking this link I recommend using the Pheonix viewer which can be found here.

View From Store Front

Friday, 18 February 2011

Seamless Lace Textures 1024 x 1024 Pixels

12 x Tiling Sheer Lace Textures

12 x Seamless Lace Textures

Available from Content Paradise  $4.99
Also available from TRU Textures Ltd (soon!)
Available for use in Second Life at the  Second Life Marketplace

Tufted Button Back Upholstery Textures

Tufted Button Back Seamless Textures

Button Back Seamless Textures

Available above for commercial license from Content Paradise (above)
Available as single textures from
Available from TRU Textures Ltd very soon
Available for use in Second Life from Second Life Marketplace 

Velvet Option

Monday, 7 February 2011

49 Percent | Röyksopp music video

49 Percent | Röyksopp music video

I’ve been listening to this on Chill Out Loung radio for 2 years or so but today for some reason the chorus got my attention so I Googled it and discovered it was another song by Royskopp.

I really love this band. I need to check out their albums and make some iTunes purchases me thinks.

The lyrics are really cool too, especially the Chorus.

Fourty-nine percent
One percent short of half
And less than half
Ain't really much of nothing

I won't try to dent you right
Or stop your flight
I've known our plight
You know I'm right
I know about your little fling
How you hide your ring
You senseless thing
I'll cut this string
The heat has simmered for a while
It's not my style
So versatile and with a smile
At anytime, I could explode
When you kissed your toad
You kissed your princely episode

Fourty-nine percent
One percent short of half
And less than half
Ain't really much of nothing

Bit off more than one could bite
And the taste is slight
It leaves this dullish appetite
About time I've finally seen the light
And said goodnight
For the sling is tight
We'll lose this fight
In a corner painted white
As you fly your kite
I shun the sight, i've seen the light
And now i've got to say goodnight
You know I'm right

Fourty-nine percent
One percent short of half
And less than half
Ain't really much of nothing

I won't try to stop you flight
Or chage your night or nothing
Less than half
Why won't you try
To make this damage better

Math and imagery
Equates cacophony
Multiplies muteness
A sum better disturbed
For silence subtracts
And shadows divide light
Less than half is slight

The heat has simmered for a while

Fourty-nine percent
One percent short of half
And less than half
Ain't really much of nothing

I won't try to stop you flight
Or chage your night or nothing
Less than half
Why won't you try
To make this damage better

Oh fourty-nine percent
One percent short of half
And less than half
Ain't really much of nothing, yeah

The heat has simmered for a while
The heat has simmered for a while
The heat has simmered for a while 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Auto FX Dreamsuite for Mac - Crashing Errors - Rosetta

Instant Crash upon launching DreamSuite
 16th July 2011 Update.

I was emailed 10 days ago from Chris at Auto FX Software company r who apologized sincerely and explained they had taken on new management and that he would take care of my issues directly and personally.

It turns out after his first and only required reply that the reason my Auto FX Dreamsuite (for Mac)  was not working on my iMac was because the the Operating Sytem.

Snow Leopard causes a conflict between every 32 bit versus 64 bit program you try to run and will generate a crash and error.
He went on to explain that Apple had created a program that ran in the background called Rosetta and once I installed that, it would ensure no further crashes caused by 32bit/64 bit conflicts with any software.
It was not specific to Auto FX Dreamsuite but to any program that was built to work on PowerPC-based applications.

I tried to find the Rosetta download off the Apple official website and whilst they did discuss Rosetta there didn't appear to be a download for it.

So I tried looking on the OS disc that came with my iMac and after a bit of frustration and a lot of Google and forum research, I discovered it can be found on the disc and in the folder called "Optional Applications"

You need to load the disc, and click the disc icon from your desktop then select "Get Info"
Navigate to the Optional Applications folder were you can then tick the box next to the Rosetta program and it will install it for you.

There are occasions when your Mac will prompt you to install Rosetta if you try and run PowerPC-based applications.

The good news is my Mac based Auto FX Dreamsuite runs perfectly now. It has not crashed once since.

And whilst my initial year long issue with Auto FX was frustrating,  all it took was one clearly explained reply from Chris which fixed everything and I cannot praise them enough now.

So I take back my anger driven suggestions that they were selling "broken software" and ignoring customer complaints, it seems that was a case of bad management which has clearly been addressed.

Here are some links about Rosetta 

I purchased Auto FXs Dreamsuite Plugin Series one and two for Photoshop CS3 on my windows OS two years ago and it worked fine.

Each series costs around $150 so I spent $300 when I purchased both. Not an inexpensive piece of software by anyones standards.

At the time, Auto FX did not support Mac so when I bought my iMac computer,  I resigned myself to the fact that was one piece of software I wouldn’t be using again.

Quite by chance, I happened to discover they had realesed a mac supported version and of course, I was delighted and wrote to them immediately.

They kindly offered me an exchange, deactivating the windows version and providing a download for the new mac version.

That was over a year ago.

In the last 12 months the plugin for Photoshop CS4 on my iMac has worked intermittently at best. Because its not a tool I depend a lot on, it wasn’t a big enough issue to worry too much about it.

Around 9 weeks ago, I was working on a project that needed a touch of gold and went straight to Auto FX Dreamsuite - Liquid Gold.

Whilst the plugin loaded, each time I tried to save my work, it crashed.

I wrote to Auto FX technical support explaining my issues and included the crash report automatically generated by my computer. I got no reply.

I found some gold layer styles that did the job OK so again, I wasn’t too worried, but I did think it was poor form to not even reply to my letter.

Fast forward 4 weeks and I wrote again explaining this was my second attempt at trying to contact them for support over the product I purchased and which did not work.
Again, I copied & pasted the crash report and again, no one replied.

Nine days ago, I wrote for the final time but this time I directed my letter to Customer care.

This time I was angry as I explained my first two letters to their technical support team had been ignored and at this point as no one was offering me any support and I was $300 out of pocket with a product that simply refuses to load, I wanted the plugin deactivated and a full refund.
Guess what? No reply.

My belief is their mac version was released whilst still in beta and I doubt I am the only person who has wrote in with crash reports. Perhaps in these troubled economic times, they have simply decided to keep the cash and ignore the complaints.

So, if you run a mac computer and find yourself hypnotised by the slick marketing images on Auto FX website, learn by my mistake and don’t throw your money in the pockets of this company.

I wrote to the Manager from Auto FX website and sent him/her a link to this post to spare me the time of repeating everything I have written 3 times before.
That was 3 days ago and no one has replied.
As usual, I get the automated email confirmation that my letter has been sent and someone will reply in 24 hours, but other than that, nothing.

This company is either simply ignoring the fact their plugin doesn’t work for MAC OS or are ignoring anyone who contacts them with no intention of spending money. 
Maybe I will try to pose as a potential buyer of their plugin for MAC and see how fast they respond to me then.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Tiling Medieval Village/Cottage Game Textures

New: Witchford Village. Medieval period stone cottage textures. Dark and damp, mossy and moldy this collection was designed to replicate a traditional English Medieval village where witches and warlocks may have dwelled!

1024 x 1024 pixels. Tile on both axis.

Standard license price $9.99 for 46 textures.
Second Life license price 1200 Linden Dollars.