Thursday, 20 January 2011

iPad Game Contest - Beaten by a rats whisker

Our Entry - Rampage Designs

The Result/Winners

The Contest

I was part of a 3 man team for a contest to create a game for the iPad, the winners would have the game pubished by DR Studios and some of the commercial return would go to charity ( see link )

My team, Rampage Designs came second by HALF A POINT!

In my eyes, we drew equal. Half a point, ppffft, splitting hairs! lol

I’m teasing (a bit) I am still proud.
There were three of us, Aaron the coder, me the artist and we had a tester (to check the game worked OK, report bugs etc)
So, to come that close to the winning team who have experience, are an established studio with a game already published, is damn good considering none of us had ever made a game in our lives.

Aaron, should be very proud.. I know I am.

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