Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I Hate MS Windows & I Lurve Apple Mac

I hate windows. I have used windows since MS Dos, I remember the work based Windows training in 1999 and how it was all complicated but exciting.

And for years, that's all we knew. Unless you were a tech head who liked exploring unusual open source OSs like Linux,  most of us stuck to what we were given, what we knew and what came as default on every Dell or HP PC we bought.

We had no reason to argue with it, there were times when it pissed us off but as the saying goes: "You don't miss what you've never had"

Well, I got a taste of what I was missing when the iPhone came out. The intuitive ease of use was striking, it just "made sense"

Then a year later,  as I was browsing in PC World,  I saw an iMac and played with the keys not really understanding much but at the same time noticing the same intuitiveness I found with the iPhone.

I left the store and went back twice before I gave in and bought it and even then I wasn't converted. We cling to familiarity, well I do anyway.

My partner ended up using it as I was finding the period of adjustment frustrating.

I would pass his PC desk and glance at the beauty of that machine, how tidy everything was both on screen and off it.
No noisy massive tower taking up room on your desk or under it, no annoying wires wrapped around your neck, everything was inside that slim 27" monitor and unlike most wireless mouse and keyboards the iMacs components actually worked.

Another 3 months passed and I bought one and even then I couldn't let go of the safety of my Windows PC.
For 4 months they both sat on my desk and occasionally I would power up the mac and have a play but all of my applications and files stayed on my windows PC.

My only regret now is not taking the plunge sooner.
Now I have adjusted to a mac OS I would not go back to windows for love nor money (Certainly not love! Whats to love?)

Unfortunately the rest of the world isn't ready for mac yet with most software applications still catering for Windows OS which means there are times when I have to resort back using Windows and OMG the agony of it.
I don't know how I managed all those years (You don't miss what you've never had!)

Each time I log into Windows the boot up takes 4 times as long as the iMac, there is usually some Windows update annoying me and threatening to restart the computer in 10 minutes. And that's if I happen to NOT be in a program that restricts me from seeing the tiny but important notice in the bottom right hand corner.

The times I have been in the middle of something in 3DMax and the computer switches off to upgrade for the 10th time that week and I loose everything!

The last straw was Windows failed and had to be reinstalled and I lost all of my study files.

How many times has that happened in your life using Windows?

Its happened to me at least 6 times and yet with my iMac, which I have been using for 18 months now,  I have not noticed any updates, if there are any they are done without disturbing your work, in the background.

I have had at least 20 viruses on different Windows PCs over the years yet not one virus on my iMac and yes I do have a Anti Virus application which again, runs in the background without slowing your machine and workload to a snails pace. To date,  it hasn't found one tiny insignificant blip that shouldn't be there.

Windows is just SLOOOOOWW  compared to a Mac, that little blue circle thing spins around and around for 5 minutes when all you want to do is run the DVD!

Switching from Windows to Mac is like learning to drive a manual car and then getting into an automatic, it seems weird and first but once you adjust things just seem so much more simpler and laid back, its less stressful you can put cruise control on and enjoy the ride.

The fact we have two iMacs, 2 iPhones and an iPad and 2 windows PCs sat in the freezing garage collecting dust (as they should!) should tell you how "converted" we are.

Trust me, I know how the Mac OS may seem alien because MS got us all brainwashed for many many long tedious years but Apple are coming in now, and fast.

They are a serious contender. MicroSoft are now trying to replicate Apples ideas and concepts with OSs, game consoles and even cell phones.

I would imagine Mr Gates is not sleeping as soundly as he has been for the last 10 years.

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