Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Forgotten Cottage Texture Collection 2011 Edition

I made the original Lost Cottage texture set in 2010 and to be honest, didn't think too much about it.

I struggled creatively as I made it and kind of "settled" in the end feeling like I had just created yet another Medieval texture set and priced it lower than average accordingly.

I was wrong.

That set has proved to be highly popular with a sale almost every day from the in world store (in secondlife.com) (It isn't on Contentparadise.com, SL Market Place or isourcetextures.com)

Recently a customer asked me to add wood beams  to the original set.

He had purchased a building from a merchant who had used the original textures but had edited them by adding her own wood beams.
My customer wanted more options and sent me a list of the exact textures he needed beams adding to.

I hate opening Photoshop up just to "edit" existing older collections, preferring to start afresh with new materials and skills developed over the months and that's exactly what I have done with the new collection I am working on now.

So far I have 120 textures offering both exterior and two choices of interior walls all with and without transparent windows.

This time I have tried to add a lot more versatility by creating different degrees and types of cracks, peeled wallpaper and ageing effects which when used together the final build should look interesting and more authentic and less likely to look like the same base texture has been used repeatedly.

I will be uploading them into Second Life, TRU Textures and the SL Market Place as well as contentparadise.com today or tomorrow.

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