Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Telesales Canvassing Calls - Poetic Justice?

I used to be a telesales account manager and I was damn good at it. But that was a long time ago and now it seems what goes around comes around because I absolutely hate my land line telephone.

I keep meaning to ring Virgin (my suppliers) and get the damn thing disconnected.

No one ever uses it, we both have mobile phones and so the main purpose of having my phone at a cost to me of £25.00 a month  is for annoying telesales robots calling me to give me recorded messages about helping me solve the debt problem I don't have.

I get two or three a day, it used to be more but I registered with some place that essentially meant your name was removed from lists and by law they were not meant to be canvasing me.

The problem is, my telephone number, which is X directory (meaning you can't look it up, it's private) has somehow been linked to a women that lived here over 4 years ago and who must be in debt because I keep getting her debt collection letters in the post too.

How does that happen? How does a telephone number I created just over a year ago (after I had to change my number to avoid the unwanted and deranged calls from a Second Life psychopath) end up being linked to a woman who hasn't lived here for 4 years?

Mrs Holden, I swear, if we were formally introduced I would bitch slap her for the crap she left on my doorstep! lol

Its annoying as Hell to have to drop what your doing, (usually work) spend a frantic 30 seconds looking for the handset, to find it stuffed under the dogs cushion then answer it out of breath with rage already building in anticipation of the dreaded tinny recorded greeting: "Hello, do NOT hang up the phone, this is not a sales call......"

It may be dressed up as a survey or "government scheme" but they still want to sell you something and if that's not bad enough... it's not even for me! Its for Mrs **@**@@ Holden!

The most lame assed thing a telephone person can and indeed does do is when you tell them that you are not actually Mrs Holden, that Mrs Holden hasn't lived here or been on the electoral role for 4 years, they then say:  "Oh, I see, OK well are you the house owner in that case?" That's just lame.
What are the odds of me actually continuing to listen to their monotone, script read sales pitch?

I  used to be a telesales person and the domestic market is no fun. It's literally a numbers game, the more calls you make the bigger the chance of someone desperate, bored or lonely enough actually not put the phone down on you. It's soul destroying.

B2B sales is a different thing, sure you still have to get passed the dragon receptionists who are compelled to not put calls through from people who aren't on their Christmas card list, but there are ways and means to get around them.

I have done the whole works with telesales.. residential, B2B, account manager, cold calling on doors the lot,  so I have no patience for crap sales people calling my home when I am working trying to sell me something that I apparently wouldn't have thought about buying had they not telephoned me to tell me I wanted it!


I'm getting the damn thing disconnected today. I rang virgin to get it pulled and they UP-SOLD me to pay for this "thing" that stopped calls coming through from withheld numbers.

She must have been a good sales person as I was steaming when I called Virgin and adamant I wanted the service disconnected and I ended up actually paying more for the privilege of denying unknown numbers... Anyway, it doesn't work and I have had enough.

I am just glad I live on top of the steepest hill in my town because at least that keeps the door to door sales men away.

Bah humbug!  :D

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