Friday, 31 December 2010

Music I should Hate But Love. BEP - The Time Dirty Bit

The first time I heard this was on The X Factor and I knew instantly it was going to be a massive hit although that first live performance wasn't too great as I need to hear a song more than once (usually) before I take to it.
I totally love the track now, it literally gives me goosebumps.

I am 40 years old FFS!
Surely that electronic whining noise should be tickling my 'middle aged, stuck in a time warp: "that's not music, it's just noise!" knee jerk reaction? Mind you, Fergie (female vocalist from BEP) is 36 now and a momma too, seems people stay younger these days.

In the 60/70s you were practically a dead woman walking at 30.

Anyway, it's New Years Eve (Yay! .. Yawn) So *through gritted teeth* Happy New 2011!!! 

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