Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hall Of Fame Or Shame - Second Life Fashion

Sexy and Casual. 

What I would wear for work in a "real" job.
 Excuse the layout, I never know how it will all come out when I add a lot of pictures.

So, I've been in Second Life for 6.5 years now and just like most women I have enjoyed dressing my dolly up and over the years my clothes folder is stuffed with stuff I either don't know I have or forgot I bought and simply don't wear.

The  reasons why I don't wear something is because my actual activity in SL is very limited. I rarely leave my store and generally only partake in activities such as uploading textures, marketing shoots and occasionally talking to customers.
I am not your typical SL female, constantly buying new clothes and changing them 5 times a day.
SL has long since stopped being a pass time or a "game" it's a platform were I make part of my living.

So anyway, I decided to have a rummage through my junk and see what I had to wear and why not take some photos and show you just how a good idea (at the time) can often result in a "omg! What WAS I thinking" moment as soon as you try the outfit on.

It just goes to show how moods can effect your decision to buy certain clothing in SL and also how good marketing images can look fabulous but when you try the garment on it looks like crap.

There are some very big and famous fashion stores in SL and a lot of what they make is "prim heavy"
The problem with prim based clothing can be the with the right position and pose it can look really cool on the "catalog image" but the reality is when you are wearing it and depending on which AO (animation override) you are wearing those prims look wrong.
A classic example of this is the mini skirts made from a prim. When you walk it swings around your waist like a barrel and God forbid if your avatar bends over slightly or dances.

Anyway, here are a handful of my Shame and Fame outfits purchased over the years.

BAX boots are still a SL classic
Pretty but never worn until now.
I have NO idea what I was thinking!
Nice but never worn.
Nice Never Worn
Period Clothing, but not me.

Don't laugh! I wear this very occasionally.

Beautiful detail but a little "Middle Aged"

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